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KL Tour

we stayed at boulevard hotel, midvalley for 3 days & 3 nite. it was a great pleasure, staying with abi but a bit exhausting for all of us. abi had to travel to bangi while i had to travel to klcc. however, on the top of everything it was still great cos we could spend our evening in midvalley complex.

this time, no more shopping. everything is ready for you. we just did some survey on babycot+playpen, but none of them attracted our eyes. we went to sogo as well, but still none of the cots impressed us.

when we had a leisure walk in carrefour, accidentally i found something that had been sought for this long.this mini fridge will be used to store your milk later. it was 2 types available but another one was a bit small, and i planned to dump everything in one storage (bottles, pump, etc). so, i decided to take this one. it's a bit bulky but big & convenience.

now, in our list just left the cot and titsies-bitsies those could be bought anytime soon like diapers and kain lampin. and yes, some apparatus for confinement like your barut, my bengkung and the massage oil, i plan to order them online.

my friends said, it's no use to buy everything before you come, cos u might not using all those things e.g. stroller, cot, pump, etc. i told them, it's better i have them now, and later if you're not using, we still can keep them for you siblings, rather than later, we find out you need any of those and kalut2 go for shopping and main beli je. at least now, we bought them at discount price :)

phew, kl tour exhausted us. i had braxton hicks almost everynite, but suprisingly i could sleep soundly! no more sob, and no more 3-4a.m. sleep. maybe.. you just wanna sleep with abi?

however, this time i had a very meaningful moment. meeting some friends, spending our time talking without abi's present. like the old days where all of us were single!