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Abi & Mommy having dinner at Eastwood.
Abi & team won netball match vs Shell Sarawak & Borneo DOE in Sukan Muhibbah. We didn't wait until the prize giving ceremony bcos Abi had something more important to do. Until now we still don't know what was the price of being winners.

Our beautiful H-Hyuga ;)
This pic was taken during our month 5 check up last 2 weeks. You were sucking your thumb. Dr. Aida's remark "Baby U ni aktif la" since you kept on moving your hand over your face, maybe you wanted to cover your little face? But the persistence gynae kept on searching the right angle to peep you even if you were always turning your head to the placenta. Finally we got this one. Blimey, it's very hard to cath you.
From the image guess who's face you are into? Abi said you have his eyes. Actually I like Abi's eyes and it must be good on you ;)