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A Little Note for Today

walking back to the office after 2 weeks off making my officemates aware about your presence. before the break you were small and my tummy was not very significant, in fact i didn't use any maternity wear since it was too early for that. but now i have to wear maternity dress or pants or else i'll feel kelemasan in baju kurung.

as usual, not much work to do. i don't know whether i am lucky of disastrous, i've never feel the 'busyness of being an employee' as what others face. my job is just looking at the PC, talking to people, face the boss, handle meeting, talk and talk... result? nothing. hmm ok la forget about that. however i feel so happy with my boring job, at least i don't have to go offshore regularly, don't need to go outstation meeting regularly and have confident to proceed with my intention to fully breastfeed you.

as usual you don't kick vigorously when i'm in the office. maybe you just can feel how bored i am. sometimes i feel a bot worry when i don't feel your movement for the whole office hours. until i pap-pap my tummy (when having lunch with abi) to wake you up but you just 'jual mahal'.

this evening when we rushed back home cos abi had netball training (he was 'invited' to play netball with the ladies), you started to give a little kick. but not very strong & frequent. until i put al-Quran cd and played it on you started to move, turn, and kick. so i let it played via speaker instead of headphone so that i can do my routine job-cook for dinner.

i have a mother instinct that you would become a generous person someday, as what we named you and call you with since last 2-3 months. now you are very generous to your mommy, you don't kick during office hour to ensure i can concentrate on my boring job and not just thinking about you all the time. and you become very active at home because it's family time! thank you honey!

it's midnite and mommy have to sleep. you can continue the game if you want! :)

midnite? ops! it's my birthday!