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We're Back and You....!!!

last nite mommy couldn't sleep. not sure why. maybe because of abi didn't turn up on bed, he was busy with his work copying mbah samni's book. then both (three?) of us slept at 3am, set the alarm at 6.30 but i wasn't sure we woke up on time or not :P

it was the day.. where our flight has been scheduled. we went to KLIA at 11am. mommy didn't notice your excitement, very different than 3 days back where we missed our flight, you kicked and punched the whole morning to tell us that our flight should be in the afternoon! we tot it was at night.. the we missed it. woooo!!!!!

you were just laid down, maybe sucking your finger whilst hugging the umbilical cord. until we entered the cabin and i had to sit far from abi. his seat was at 16 where ours were at 20. in my row, it was a big family, 2 parents and 4 kids, who were actively walk here and there. i felt a bit disturbed but i just kept silent.

and you... you baby... you kept on jumping and kicked my bladder. i told you several time very nicely "baby please don't kick mommy's bladder... please kick mommy's tummy not the bladder". sometimes i put my hand on the upper part of my tummy to encourage you to kick my hand instead of kept on kicking my half full bladder. but you were just... urgh! until i had to say "i'm gonna beat you if you do that again!" however... how could i beat my own baby inside my tummy... and you kept on jumping and kicking on and on. until we reached miri airport and i rushed to the toilet.

it was something in The Star kept my eyes on. it was an article by a mom who has late-talking dotters. too long to write it here, but the morale is, i don't have to worry if you are gonna be slow to talk. you're gonna develop in your own pace and early talking doesn't indicate that you are genius or what. i take it as a reminder to me so that i won't push you too hard to talk and enjoy your babbling. huhu. please talk early... i need someone to chat with...