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Gaining Weight

my last record was 48kg during month 4. it was just about 2kg more than my normal weight before you come. this make Abi a bit worry since our gained weight is almost minimum. the truth was, i couldn't eat and no appetite. how can i gain so much weight...

when we came back to Peninsular, a drastic change happened. if in Miri i just can have 2-3 suap nasik, here 2-3 pinggan! my answer when people ask about Miri's food -"xsedap!" and guess who's the happiest person? of course your Abi. and me too since i don't feel hungry no more. and since, yesterday i went to Uwan's house and measure my weight.. guess what? we're 52kg! owh my... it's 6kg and above normal! the normal is only 51.5kg (5.5kg additional) :P

i am a bit curious about my weight gain since i am a kinda person who's not easily lose weight. and i dont want to be overweight during pregnancy however i still need to gain extra weight or my body may start to break down its own storage of fat and create substances called ketones, which can be very harmful to you.

well, it's not about how fast/effective we are gaining weight but what we take to gain that weight. if i am BIG and HEAVY with my own fat.... that's no point to be happy. and if my tummy is BIG and heavy with a-bigger-than-normal-baby you, it's also unusual. it might be the sign of diabetes, the thing i really afraid of. i don't want tp break down my sugar reaction! since i love to take sugar.

nevertheless, i am so happy for this. but i dont know whether i still can eat like this once we go back to Miri.