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i just came across this when asked by my fren, Sal about BPA bottle. i made a little reading on the worldwideweb and found these :-

Polycarbonates are a particular group of thermoplastic polymers, whose primary building block is bisphenol A (BPA), a hormone disrupter that releases into food and liquid[6] and acts like estrogen. Research in Environmental Health Perspectives finds that BPA (leached from the lining of tin cans, dental sealants and polycarbonate bottles) can increase body weight of lab animals' offspring, as well as impact hormone levels. A more recent animal study suggests that even low-level exposure to BPA results in insulin resistance, which can lead to inflammation and heart disease. [source: wikipedia]

BPA is found in polycarbonate plastic food containers often marked on the bottom with the letters "PC" recycling label #7. Not all #7 labeled products are polycarbonate but this is a reasonable guideline for a category of plastics to avoid. Polycarbonate plastics are rigid and transparent and used for sippy cups, baby bottles, food storage, and water bottles. Some polycarbonate water bottles are marketed as 'non-leaching' for minimizing plastic taste or odor, however there is still a possibility that trace amounts of BPA will migrate from these containers, particularly if used to heat liquid. [source: ewg.org]

Depending on whom you talk to, BPA is either perfectly safe or a dangerous health risk. The plastics industry says it is harmless, but a growing number of scientists are concluding, from some animal tests, that exposure to BPA in the womb raises the risk of certain cancers, hampers fertility and could contribute to childhood behavioral problems such as hyperactivity. [source: national geographic]
and this chart!

gosh i've been using avent products all this while [& the merapu2 botol since Hafiy said NO to bottle]!

for avent product:

BPA-Free Products
Bottles: None
Pumping Supplies: (disposable system)
Pacifiers: None
Feeding Aids:Powder Formula Dispenser and Snack Cup
Cups: Magic Trainer Cup, Magic Super Sport Cup

Products Containing BPA
Bottles: Natural Feeding Bottle, Tempo Natural Feeding Nurser (liners are polyethylene, bottle polycarbonate)
Pumping Supplies: Isis iQ Twin Electronic Breast Pump, Isis iQ Single Electronic Breast Pump, Isis Manual Breast Pump
Pacifiers: Avent Translucent Pacifiers, Avent Freeflow Pacifiers, Avent Newborn Nighttime Pacifier, Avent Fashion Pacifiers, Latex Toddler Nighttime Pacifier, Avent Silicone Pacifiers
Feeding Aids: None
Cups: None

huyehhh.... and avent has this to explain: What is Bisphenol-A, and what are the issues surrounding BPA.

i really need other mommies opinion.. and practices [not enough time to make further research, busy with office job- good excuses]. huyehhh.

Planting Winged Bean

the winged beans

Mommy got the seeds from Embah Buyut when we went to Johor last December. [hopefully it's still 'subur'].

we just able to plant the seeds last week, after buying a-20-kilos of humus soil from Pasar Malam Saberkas.

Mommy used to plant this winged bean, many times, and the most significant ones was during my unemployed period, i planted it behind Mak Tok's house, and until now they still can have it as ulam! good enough huh.

gardening is a good activity i guess, good exercise and fruitful! and jimat since we don't need much capital. just rm5 for the soil and other things are free.

empty egg carton

humus soil

the seeds

tap water

the plant manager

filling the soil into egg carton


put the seed onto the soil

seedy soil


watering them

good job Mommy!

put it under roof, yet allow for sunlight

the journal

now after a week...

still nothing change. haha. have to wait for another 2-3 days i guess...

later when it's 'bercambah', we'll transfer it onto the ground and let it grows by climbing our fence. Mommy can't wait! can't wait! i wanna eat ceper!

malas dah

lately this blog jd tempat melepas geram Mami nampaknya. ah, xpela kan Fy, drp Mami pegi merapu kat blog and group orang. [oh sesungguhnya sudah tiada mood join mana2 online ibu2 discussion group lg kecuali ada satu dua yg sudah serasi]

ada seorang puan meluahkan rasa sedih sebab babynya xnak nenen lagi, setelah diberi FM (katanya susu xde lepas bersalin, ada ke org terus memancut susu sejurus lepas baby kuar ek?). pastu bila dah ada susu (spas wat mcm2), baby xnk sebab dah suka minum botol. Mami share la ilmu2 ttg permulaan menyusu yg Mami tahu sbb nmpk mcm dia sadis jugak baby xmo nenen.

sekali.. ramai2 punya puan2 lain yg reply, & mostly ckp "org ada susu berlagak..", "orang yg ada susu xfaham & ckp macam2 kat kita yg xde susu" siap cakap lg "ibu Rasulullah pun xde susu that's why bg kat ibu susuan". hehe. sian kat puan yg pertama tu. masalah dia bukan xde susu, tp ada susu & baby xnak menyusu. dahtu ramai2 pulak pakat sokong suh bagi FM.

pasal ibu Rasulullah, Mami rasa itu mmg adat org bandar (Mekah) hantar babies ke desa2 utk disusukan supaya babies dpt suasana, udara segar. dalam masyarakat Arab masa tu, jika ibu tu dr keluarga ternama, dia xmenyusukan baby sendiri tp diberi kepada ibu susuan dari desa sebab kehidupan anak-anak itu di desa boleh menguatkan tubuhnya dan memperbaiki lidahnya (melatih bahasa Arab), agar jangan kena 'hawa' kota.

orang2 dari desa biasanya akan ke kota utk mencari baby2 utk disusukan. & datuk Rasulullah sendiri mencari ibu susuan utk cucundanya & yg beruntung itu ialah Halimatussaadiah. 4 tahun Rasulullag berada di bawah jagaannya.

& Mami terbaca info dari susuibu.com yg Dato' Harun Din mengatakan ibu Rasulullah kering susunya sewaktu baginda berusia 8bulan. tapi bukan lahir2 dah kering susu kan? sebab mula2nya Aminah menyusukan Baginda sebelum diberi kepada Suwaibah & diserah pada Halimah.

Mami tahu mmg ada mommies yg mmg xde susu, tapi Mami xberapa suka kalo mommies2 ini encourage orang lain yg 'xpe mmg ramai orang xberjaya menyusu sbb xde susu & ko pun of of them'. kalo bole kita sama2la tolong menolong, kalo kita gagal, xsemestinya orang lain pun kena gagal kan? lainlah kalo ibu tu mmg pro-FM, tapi kesian kan ibu2 yg nak BM tp xberjaya bukan sebab betul2 xde susu, tapi sebab encouragement ke jalan yg salah.

my DIY book

Mommy got this idea because i don’t want you (and you lil' siblings) to know us, Mommy as Mommy and Abiy as Abiy. i remember then one day at a park, a little girl ‘lost’ her parents ad when people asked her “Who’s your mother? What’s her name” she cried and answered “Mamaaaa”. oh dear, ooh dear... how many Mamas were there… i wish all my babies know us by our name. and there’s no book in the world have our names inside. so why don’t i make one?

This is a very simple, easy and no time consuming. I do it while ironing our clothes :D

(oh, like I know very the many types :D).

A set of PC with printer
A4 Papers
Laminating films
Iron, iron board and cloth

the assembly

insert the paper in the laminating film. i put it backward so that if keronyok2 it won't keronyokkan the face.

put the film+paper under the cloth you wanna iron.

when we done ironing, put it in order (front page, page 1, 2, 3..) and punch!

tie with ribbon and tadaaaa!

but the quality is very poor since i'm only using iron to laminate (plus not a pro. and this job requires skill OK). hmm.. anybody wanna sponsor a laminating machine? hehe. bole wat bisnes nih.

The Grand Old Lady

batu bersurat

"The 'Grand Old Lady' of Miri had had a remarkable record over her 62 years of life. She had operated almost non-stop from that day in December 1910, when she had first brought into production, until she was closed in 1941 due to war action. In that time, she had produced 563,484 barrels and was still producing 10 barrles per day. In three and a half years of occupation, Well No.1 worked for only 12 months during which she produced 4,371 barrels. At close, she was still managing to produce 3 barrels of oil a day and when finally stopped, had produced over 650,000 barrels of oil. In the last months of operation, one of the wells still creaking slowly up and down was that same well that began the saga of Miri Well Number One"

i planned to bring you here when you able to understand my words, so that i can explain about the process of exploration & production in oil and gas. but since Uncle Muhammad was here, we brought him to this very place, and definitely you had to follow. don't worry, we'll bring you here again for field trip later2 ok :D

the journey, well, a bit adventurous for our Myvi. thanks God, Canada Hill is just like a giant ant hill. if it's like Genting i bet we never reach there la :D

pompuan tua yg grand?

hey tolak kekuat sket, potong gaji karang

can i be the next drilling engineer?

petroleum museum

nice scenery from the top of Canada Hill

this is among the historical places in Miri. i like it, of course because it relates to oil and gas. this is the first oil field in Sarawak, and even in Malaysia (or in South East Asia?). those days, they dug the wells only by hands! how rich Borneo land was. and see how small Brunei is, but seems like she sits on a gigantic oil reservoir!

now all Malaysian oil wells are offshore. it's must be a more challenging operation. thanks to all offshore crew for your service (of course la they're paid) so that we can bring our wealth back to the nation.


Starting Solids?

anak sapa la ni

yumm yummm~

nak suap sdr la Mami...

bagi saya! bagi saya!

haaa... dah abis?

nak lagi!!!

ini bukan bubur nasi tapi cumelah EBM yg Mami letak dalam mangkuk. nggeee~ terubatlah hati anak bujang Mami nak mamam sama2. barula tak mengamuk. selalu dapat pinggan kosong je kan?

when to start solid? some Mommies rather to start it early but we want to delay as later as possible. now that you drink lots better so Abiy said NO to solids at 6 month (even if kelakuan tidak dpt dikawal lg mau makan). it's not because of the immature digestion system, but Mommy want to bf you exclusively as long as possible, plus i'm lazy (easy excuse) to prepare your food & i'm not ready to have unpleasant smell of your poo-poo. :D

say yes to exclusive breastfeeding!

Six and Six


Yesterday I got an SMS from Kak Anna “susu Hafiy tak cukup.akak bg yg last td pkl 3.30,dh habis pn dia xmo lepas botol.siap pegang sendiri lagi.byk dia minum hari ni.nmpk lapar benar dia’. – I sent 15oz in the morning.
Ayak! Mommy’s daily production now merudum from 16oz to 10-14oz! gabra lagi panic! Ya la, from minum-ilang-haus-je, tiba2 terus x cukup susu bekalan!
From "yay, Hafiy minum banyak!" to now "ayoh sudah.. dia dah minum banyak, even more than my production!". Havta increase the pumping session nih!

I used to think that nursing baby should be done I a private space (ini buku la yg ajar ni), with only a mom & a baby involve. In fact, during our very first outing, I prepared some bottles of EBM for you! But then after few outings, Mommy found out that it is very2 messy to bring EBM out, & very inconvenient. So I decided to nurse in public. Then I found out that, oh, this nothing unusual about nursing in public. (it’s just my ignorance).

this is how i wear the shawl.

me breastfeeding Hafiy with shawl.

the side view

I start to wear tudung labuh/bulat/besar to our pengajian. Mmg convenient but Hafiy doesn’t like it cos panas. so Mommy creatively kibas2kan the tudung for air ventilation. Hehe. Maybe I should change to tudung labuh for easier nursing in public?

Miri is getting hotter and hotter. Might be because of the changing season at the northern hemisphere. Lucky we have air cond in our bed room… (but wait until the bill arrives!) Mommy never wanted to bolen2kan you at any times but now Mommy have to bolen2kan during bed time. Huhu.

You can lift your body with your one hand holding Mommy’s. and able to sit without support from pillow or chair. *clap clap* Ngeee~. Compensate la your late rolling2 & flat weight gain tuh :D

Get a new PISA and let go my UNO? Hmm…~ How much should I let go the UNO motor?

Jalan2 With Uncle Muhd

Uncle Muhd came to visit us (it was actually 2 tickets bought for Uncle Muhd & Tok Ma earlier, but due to Tok Pa's condition, only Uncle Muhd came) during this school holiday. he is Abiy's youngest brother, a bright student of SMS Alam Shah. he came here on Tuesday, and will depart to KL on Saturday nite, and Abiy had some programs to 'fulfill' the visit. it was a 'quick decision' made, and at the same time, Makcik Ana went back to her kampong cuz her MIL was sick. so it were fine days for Mommy & Abiy to take leave. haha.

our First Day - Wednesday, 12th - Bintulu

breakfast dulu kat Pakcik Wan Cafe. filling our tummy (except Hafiy's) with Mi Kolok Special. yummy2~

let's start our journey with doa naik kenderaan... vrooom~~~ [with the boy yg gata* nk duk depan. duk belakang dlm carseat dia terjerit2. Mami pegang pun terjerit2. duk depan baru senyap]


i'm so happy i'm at Niah!

with Uncle Muhd in front of 'rumah panjang'.

the journey to Bintulu took 2.5hours. but we dropped by pekan Bekenu & Niah, making it a bit later. our first stop was Bintulu Port. then we ronda2 keliling Tanjung Kidurong, to the gate (gate pun jadila) of MLNG (Malaysia Liquefied Natural Gas), ABF (Asean Bintulu Fertilizer) and other oil & gas related places. enhancing our knowledge in downstream process pulok...

then we gerak to Bintulu town. it's smaller than Miri, but we could see many new developments are ongoing. should Bintulu be the next city?

place where we had our lunch, & met Auntie Sheema+Uncle Amit, Auntie Coojart & Auntie Siti.

Hafiy at Bintulu.

Bintulu town.

at Parkcity Mall.

Taman Tumbina = Taman Tumbuhan dan Binatang?

Tanjung Batu Beach

we left Bintulu at about 4 o'clock. should get back to Miri as soon as possible since it's not safe to travel by car during night time. along the way is hutan & palm estate, and the highway is nothing compared to PLUS huhu. we should avoid the risk, rite.

we dropped by Bungai Beach & Esplanade before going home. had a sunset by the shore. what a day...
it was a wonderful journey. Hafiy, you're lucky cos still a small baby. couldn't read, couldn't write or even couldn't hold things correctly, or else Mommy would ask you to make a scrapbook of 'My Visit to Bintulu'. hehe. including diagrams of oil&gas process from upstream to the downstream. hoho! *i'm gonna do this, so please, do remind me when you're big enough :D

Bungai Beach

sunset at Esplanade Beach

let's call it a day....

our Second Day - Thurday, 13th - Brunei Darussalam

uh, i should say, many sorry to Kak Jazz & Baby AH's mummy. this is a very sudden decision, and i had no time to online or even SMS. next time i should make pre-arrangement, so that we can meet![and you can be my tourist guide]

ya, Brunei Darussalam is just 0.5hour from our house. so very the near, huh.

so very the near...

what's best about Brunei? hum.. i should say, that i feel like home. they use 'jawi' in every sign board, just like what we have in Kelantan. and also the cheap-cheap petrol. hehe. only B$0.53/litre! however we couldn't fill up more than B$10.00, and only at selected petrol station. huwaaa.. tak dapek la menuhkan tank dgn minyak Brunei :P and i like their headscarfs. mmg sangat cantik & matching with their bajus! hopefully i have time to shop for scarfs and kain ela Brunei....

Mommy, cepatla siap...

us at Malaysia-Brunei border

nodding donkey (onshore oil pump) at Seria. we don't have this in Malaysia, we operate only offshore platforms.

in front of BSP. Abiy comes here everymonth as a rep of Malaysian Government. cayalah!

Jerudong Park

at Brunei International Airport.

Tamu Kianggeh. ada mcm venice kn?

Kampung Air. very unique and so astonish to see more than 15k people living on water. and they have all the facilites including masjids, schools, shops, clinics, even police & fire station!

di laman Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex

sama tak?

i'm so happy i'm at Jollibee! takde kat Malaysia okeh.

at Masjid Jame Asr Hassanal Bolkiah (oh i hope my spelling is correct). the domes are coated with pure gold!

shops at Kiulap

because of the time constraint (plus the sesat2) we didn't manage to explore the whole Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) and the outskirts. however, we didn't miss the chance to shop for overseas' made chocolate at Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex. yes, overseas made chocolate only, not Shah Alam made. cheaper and halal. [but Shah Alam chocolate is cheaper in Brunei even if after conversion, why ah?]

and here we ended our 'Pencarian for High Chair & Neck Pillow'. satu Miri cari tak jumper (& to go back to KL just to find high chair sungguh tidak berbaloi), finally we bought a Singaporean made in Brunei using Malaysian bank's cc. fuh.. so very the Asean.

we love this one. semua features ada. seat bole recline, bole tinggi-rendahkan (adjust utk paras meja or paras lantai), ada roda, tray ada 2 lapis & bole remove, kusyen PVC senang basuh, ada bakul, tempat kaki bole angkat & the set ni bole dilipat. priced $B160.00. [conversion B$1.00=RM2.30]

oh i'm sooooo happy! thanks Abiy Mommy!

yeay yeay. i got my high chair!

and this cute neck pillow. we'd been searching everywhere including at online but still cudn't find any. finally we found this one in Brunei. only B$10.90.

now i don't have to sakit2 leher sleeping in my carseat. thanks Abiy Mommy!

so, when is our next trip? ;D this Gawai? driving to KK, perhaps ;P

alhamdulillah... jauh berjalan luas pandangan (even if tak jauh mana poooon~). & that's what recommended in Islam as well. berjalan di mukabumi, merenungi, menikmati & mensyukuri kebesaran Allah SWT.