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Yesterday I got an SMS from Kak Anna “susu Hafiy tak cukup.akak bg yg last td pkl 3.30,dh habis pn dia xmo lepas botol.siap pegang sendiri lagi.byk dia minum hari ni.nmpk lapar benar dia’. – I sent 15oz in the morning.
Ayak! Mommy’s daily production now merudum from 16oz to 10-14oz! gabra lagi panic! Ya la, from minum-ilang-haus-je, tiba2 terus x cukup susu bekalan!
From "yay, Hafiy minum banyak!" to now "ayoh sudah.. dia dah minum banyak, even more than my production!". Havta increase the pumping session nih!

I used to think that nursing baby should be done I a private space (ini buku la yg ajar ni), with only a mom & a baby involve. In fact, during our very first outing, I prepared some bottles of EBM for you! But then after few outings, Mommy found out that it is very2 messy to bring EBM out, & very inconvenient. So I decided to nurse in public. Then I found out that, oh, this nothing unusual about nursing in public. (it’s just my ignorance).

this is how i wear the shawl.

me breastfeeding Hafiy with shawl.

the side view

I start to wear tudung labuh/bulat/besar to our pengajian. Mmg convenient but Hafiy doesn’t like it cos panas. so Mommy creatively kibas2kan the tudung for air ventilation. Hehe. Maybe I should change to tudung labuh for easier nursing in public?

Miri is getting hotter and hotter. Might be because of the changing season at the northern hemisphere. Lucky we have air cond in our bed room… (but wait until the bill arrives!) Mommy never wanted to bolen2kan you at any times but now Mommy have to bolen2kan during bed time. Huhu.

You can lift your body with your one hand holding Mommy’s. and able to sit without support from pillow or chair. *clap clap* Ngeee~. Compensate la your late rolling2 & flat weight gain tuh :D

Get a new PISA and let go my UNO? Hmm…~ How much should I let go the UNO motor?