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kenapa syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu

i love you sayang~

when i was a little girl (now still a girl but a bit bigger), i always pondered about the statement of 'syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu'. my teacher said, it is so because your mom gave birth to you. -is it all? +yes, it's just because your mom delivered you to this very world. -so how about dad? he was the main person contributing in the 'production' of me. if there was no daddy, i shouldn't be there. +but your mom gave birth to you... [i left unsatisfactorily].

now after having my own child, then i truly understand why the 'syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu'.

when a lady discovered that she was pregnant:
  1. she called, texted, emailed, etc. everybody telling that "I'M PREGNANT!" with a rosy smile.
  2. she started to watch her food intake. she googled and read any info about food to avoid and food to take by pregnant lady. even if only for small things like MSG, she would question "can i take MSG during pregnancy?" even if during 'not pregnant' she never cared about what food she took.
  3. she started to watch her activities. she changed her heels into 'a lower' type. she stopped doing extreme activities. and even sometimes she refused to 'say yes' to her husband because of 'afraid if it might hurting the baby'.
  4. she went to the doctor regularly, just to ensure the baby was doing fine.
  5. she willingly took supplement like acid folic, etc. even if she was a type who 'i rather die than to swallow the pill'.
  6. she watch her words, so that the baby won't hear anything except good words.
  7. she was very happy to see her body expanding.
  8. she sought for the best name to give to her child.
  9. she didn't care about the morning sickness, aching belly, backache, 'bengkak' brst, etc. as long as the baby was OK.
  10. she wanted to give the best for her baby, the best food, the best dress, the best bed, the best toy, etc. even if she never cared about them for her own life.
  11. she loved to talk to her baby, even if the baby couldn't say any word, but a single kick was enough to make her fly to the cloud 9.
  12. on top of everything, she knew that giving birth is about life and death, but she wanted to do it for her baby, the only love of hers and her husband's.
and when the baby was born:
  1. she woke up all nights for the baby.
  2. she fed the baby with her own milk (or formula milk made by her).
  3. she wouldn't let anybody or anything harm her baby, especially the bugs.
  4. she watched her food intake to ensure the baby was fine (if she breastfed).
  5. she loved to kiss her baby more than kissing the father :D
  6. she thought that her baby is the cutest creature of the universe.
  7. she loved to shop for her baby rather than for herself.
  8. she put her baby the first priority in her life.
  9. she couldn't rely on anybody to take care of her baby like how she take care of hers.
  10. she rather had a sagging brst than stop BFing her baby..
(& both lists go to infinity)

didn't those explain enough why mother is the ticket holder to paradise? anybody dare to challenge?

1 peekture, 5 generations.
my son, me, my mom, my mom's mom, my mom's mom's mom.
all are moms, with a handsome guy who's gonna make somebody a mom. hehe.

Mitos Tentang Baby, Breastfeeding & Kisah Mama Aishah

Myth 1 : baby boy kuat menyusu sampai susu ibu tak cukup utk tampung keperluan dia.
FACT 1 : takde bukti menunjukkan baby boy kuat menyusu dari baby girl. tapi 'ideologi' ni dah sebati lam masyarakat kita sampaikan ada ibu2 yg - hairan sebab baby girl nya kuat menyusu, "tak normal ke baby saya?" :D boy ke girl ke, jantina tak menentukan keperluan dan selera makan mereka.
FACT 2 : rule of thumb in BFing - supply berkadar langsung dgn demand. bila demand tinggi, so supply pun akan tinggi juga. yes, there might be moms yg susu xcukup/susu xde but it might be bcos of her own physiology, pemakanan, etc. tp bukan salah baby menjadi lelaki. ops...

Nota Mami ~ Hafiy Al-Fateh adalah seorang budak lelaki. Hafiy di BF exclusively oleh Mami selama 6 bulan & skg masih BF lagi. Hafiy xkuat menyusu & susu Mami OK je, alhamdulillah belum lg anak Mami pengsan kelaparan [NOTA PENTING : statement ini TIDAK DITUJUKAN pd ibu2 yg mmg susu tak ada].

it's a boy

Myth 2 : baby yg BF tak akan sakit or demam.
FACT : selagi namanya makhluk, tak ada yg terlepas dari penyakit. cumanya, baby BF ada self-defense since slm susu ibu ada antibodi. hmm... kalo baby BF pun bole demam2 inikan pula baby yg xBF kan? [NOTA PENTING : statement ini TIDAK DITUJUKAN pd ibu yg xBF tp HANYA DITUJUKAN pada orang yg "hairan kenapa baby BF sakit2 jugak, baik xpayah BF"].

Nota Mami ~ di saat ini Hafiy tengah high fever. Mami dah bawak jumpa paed & doktor, dua kali dah Mami bawak pegi klinik & hospital. both dr said normal viral fever. & ni second time Hafiy demam (demam bukan lepas cucuk) tp Mami lega sebab Hafiy ceria & riang mcm biasa, cuma suhu tnggi sampai 39degree C. cepat sembuh ye sayang Mami~ nanti nkgi jalan Brunei plak.
---susu ibu bukanla benda magic yg bole menghalau penyakit!

muka2 riang ria org demam

Myth 3 : bila baby berat xmemberangsangkan, susu ibu takde kualiti. maka top up lah dgn FM.
FACT 1 : we are what we eat. & susu ibu juga bergantung pada pemakanan ibu. sebab tu la Mami menelan vitamin2 yg diperlukan & ESP utk memastikan pengeluaran susu yg berkualiti.
Nota Mami ~ Bibik terkejut tgk supplement Mami. hehehe. Mami sanggup telan sumer2 tu walaupun tak sedap (weekkk) demi anak Mami yg tercinta.
FACT 2 : baby BF akan isap cik nen mengikut keperluan dia. & cik nen adalah sejenis device yg tak mengalir mcm paip, perlukan force dr isapan baby. so baby xovereat & most baby BF xsegebu budak2 yg xBF. minum via botol kadang2 dia xisap pon susu kuar jgk (unless pakai type yg imitate breast flow). so baby BF mmg on the right diet. & xunderweight pun kan.
FACT 3 : baby minum ikut keperluan dia. kalo dia dah kenyang, takkan nak minum lagi walaupun badan tak chubby. memang type badan macam tu. yg penting, sihaaaat.

Myth 4 (additional by Ummi Sa'eed) : kalo BF x period. sbb 'darah' period tu diconvert menjadi susu.
Ummi Sa'eed info : kalau susu byk, tak period, kalau susu sikit, most probably period. so kalau baby kuat minum, sikit je susu yg stored in the body (bukan ability to produce yers), maka probability dpt period adalah tinggi.
from breastfeeding essential
When the first period returns depends upon several factors: how frequently the baby is nursing, how often the baby is supplemented with bottles, whether or not the baby takes a pacifier, how long the baby is sleeping at night, whether or not solids have been introduced, and the mother's own individual body chemistry and the way it responds to hormonal influences associated with breastfeeding. Any time the stimulation to the breast is decreased, especially at night, menstruation is likely to return soon after.
Bridgete W
Well that is a myth. Many times breastfeeding helps the period to stop from coming back right away but other times a mother will breastfeed fully on demand and get her period back at 6 weeks. It's different from mother to mother. Like I said, the build-up in your uterus lining from several months of not having a period makes for a much heavier period then you are used to.

You need to be on birth control because it is always possible to get pregnant while nursing. If you want to have more children yes it is possible to conceive while nursing.

and also can check at kellymom.
Nota Mami : Mami menstruated since Hafiy was 4 month...

Myth 5 (additional by Mami Altamis) : breast kanan 'nasi'; breast kiri is 'air'
pesan Mami Altamis : dedua belah breast sama jer function dan productionnye..ramai tatau bende ni..kalo tgk anatomi breast, mane ade kanan lain, kiri lain :) note to bakal ibu & ibu2 muda, BF mmg very tiring at d early stage but soon after you all misti enjoy BF..so dont give up BF your children k!
from kellymom
Foremilk is the milk (typically lower in fat) available at the beginning of a feeding; hindmilk is milk at the end of a feeding, which has a higher fat content than the foremilk at that feeding.

from la leche league
As baby begins nursing, the first thing he receives is this lower-fat foremilk, which quenches his thirst. Baby's nursing triggers the mother's milk ejection reflex, which squeezes milk and the sticking fat cells from the milk-making cells into the ducts. This higher-fat hindmilk mixes with the high-lactose foremilk and baby receives the perfect food, with fat calories for growth and lactose for energy and brain development.
Kisah Mama Aishah
yesterday, Mami got an sms from Auntie Ayue, Mama Aishah. Aishah tua 2 bulan dr Hafiy, & dia cuma diBF selama 2bulan lebih je (tol ke, Yue, lupa laa hahaha). spas tu Auntie Ayue mengalami masalah bila susunya cuma ada bila diassist oleh pil. oh sesungguhnya itu sungguh tidak best sebab Auntie Ayue terpaksa menahan migrain & sakit kepala.

amazingly, after +- 6 months (ye ke?) of no-BF, suddenly Auntie Ayue is milking! & there was no stimulation from anybody!! :D (Papa Aishah duk Sarawak, Mama & Aishah kat Terengganu). bengkak & berdenyut2, menurut kata Auntie Ayue. & susu pekat manis keluar...

apakah yg telah berlaku kepada Mama Aishah?

Kenapa Saya Suka Bercakap Tentang Breastfeeding

Mami tahu ramai yang 'terasa' dgn Mami dan anggap Mami terlalu 'over' dlm bab2 BF. mcm best sgt je. tp kenapa? mungkin xde sapa yg tahu. mungkin sumer orang igt Mami nak menunjuk sebab Mami 'banyak' susu.

antara sebab Mami suka 'kecoh2', sebab paling utama ialah, ini saja satu2nya benda yg Mami bole banggakan.

cantik? Mami tak cantik, tp cukupla buat Abiy tertawan hehe. pandai? Mami pun tak sepandai mana, cukup2 je pointer utk 2nd class upper,huh.. kaya? alhamdulillah cukupla makan kita sefamily... karier??? aduuh yg ni xmo la cerita. td Auntie Efie tanye Mami "mu plan dlm ms 7thn lg mu duk mano dale kerjayo?" Mami cakap "aku adolah srg ibu huk ado anok darjah 2". huh.

ini je la yg bole Mami banggakan. bila orang lain cerita study sana sini, Mami tak... bila orang lain cerita shopping sana sini, Mami tak... bila orang lain cerita balik kampung sana sini, Mami tak.. bila orang lain cerita makan sana sini, Mami tak... bila orang lain cerita vacation sana sini, Mami tak... bila orang lain cerita kerja sana sini, Mami tak.. dsb. (sedih g*la rasa nak menangis je ni).

Mami cuma ada Abiy & anak Mami yg besar dengan jasa susu Mami. alhamdulillah~

bestnya pegang tgn Abiy..bila Abiy nak balit ni~

budak tembam yg sekarang sudah mengalami pengurusan. heh, betul ke Hafiy ni? lain sungguh!

selamat tinggal helmet kerasku..

detik2 terakhir Mami sebagai sorang hanjinliar tukang perabis beras kompani dalam skill grup 'itu'. kira OKla ada gak kenangan 2minggu dok atas kapal. hehe. background adalah Uncle Rahizam, atau Hafiy bole panggil Atok Rahizam sbb dia sebaya ngan Tok Ma. nampak je mcm 'muda' tu hahahaha.

*mood swing post-menstruation. rasa sudah give up. kengkawan rapat Mami tau la kenapa.

this week...

1. Abiy xde.. dia pegi Kuantan seminggu... wooooo~~~~~

2. kite ada Bibik. namanya Bibik Nufus.

atas gendong Bibik kt ofis ms antar Abiy. Mami nk holding hands ngan Abiylah hihi.

3. Mami sampai ofis pukul 7. hihihi.

4. Hafiy tido pkl 7 mlm & bgn pukul 5 or 6.30 pagi. best2!

5. Hafiy suka mamam baked sweet potato. yummy~


6. benda first nk buat bila sampai rumah ialah melepas rindu kt Cik Nen.

aahhh... legaaa~~~

7. Hafiy pandai tgk Barney [mujo astroMAX xyh sesusah bli DVD huhu].

apoko bondo eh hewan purple tuh

8. susu Mami merudum. heavy period+Abiy xde? or sbb tertekan dgn ... di ofis? hehe.

saya hensem mcm Brad Pitt.

Our Journey

Hafiy is 6 months plus now. and this is an end to our exclusive breastfeeding journey.

I relook on my old emails and found back an email from Sha, my Singaporean fren, which I received long ago before Hafiy was born. She wrote to me about breastfeeding natures (problems?) those she faced, but however some mothers are confused with it, and conclude that they “can’t breastfeed”. Sha was very determined to BF, even I haven’t do what she had. She went to BF classes, several times!

If I can summarize here what she shared with me then:

1. baby taknak suckle : she called the nurses each time she wanted to BF her son. I’d like to quote her : “Masa tu stress sngt Allah saja yang tahu. Mana dgn kita sakit baru lepas bersalin lepas tu anak pulak ‘tak nak’ hisap susu. I picit call bell panggil nurse suruh ajar I cam mane. Nurse pun lama jugak nak ajar I n positionkan baby supaya dpt latch”

2. self doubt : “I feel my son is not getting milk sebab tu die asik minum aje tapi still tak gain weight. I even contemplated nak kasi my son formula sebab walaupun I tahu BM is the best tapi I risau kalau anak I tak dpt khasiatnya. Alhamdulillah my husband very supportive. He stayed up with me on those nights yg I nangis even though die kerja masuk kul 6 pagi and encourage me to not give up”.

before I gave birth to Hafiy, I made some ‘research’ about BFing & one of it is ‘What Can Make I Fail to BF?’. I even started threads in many forums about problems those might cause ‘fail to BF’. And asked around, BF mommies about that. And I found out that, unless i have no breast, then I have no problem at all.

before I knew those BF otais, I always consult with my gynae, Dr Aida about BFing (of course she is BFing too!). I still remember my question then “Doktor, cemana kalo lepas bersalin susu takde?” She answered “lepas bersalin mmg susu xde lagi. It takes 2-3 days utk susu ada”. And I asked lagi “abes tu ape baby nak makan? Kene bagi susu lain ke?” and she answered (with laugh) “no need lah. Allah Maha Kaya. Dia mmg jadikan baby baru lahir cukup dgn ape yg mak dia ada. U just give your baby hisap your breast, he’ll be fine. Afterall, baby mmg akan lose weight ms first week”.

so I never prepared any tin of FM at home, even if ms Hafiy lahir, 4 days later baru my susu developed. (yes he had FM kat hospital, but only just after he was born je). i believed that he was a survivor, and if the mother cows can feed their calves, why can't i?

our BFing journey.. it’s not incidental. i’m not just lucky.i work hard to achieve this ¼ of our BFing journey.

may Allah put His bless on us, to complete our another 3/4 of this journey. ameen.

big boy now.. can sit steadily without support.

i'm so happy Mommy! i can roll over now!

Mommy's boys.

it's OK i won't disturb your dinner.

Mommy, milk please....

Easy Craft?

Abiy's the one who responsible on our house billings. and he's always misplaces the bills. should we make something to help Abiy?

bahan2. paper plates, old magazine, scissors, glue, stapler.

cut one of the paper plate into half.

cut any favorable pictures or colors or words from the mag. and glue them on another paper plate. the face facing up.

cantum with the cut halved plate using stapler and glue more pictures on the plates.

"Mommy let me help you"

tada!!! stick it onto the wall and now Abiy can put the bills inside this bill bag.

menjawab tag Mama Fawwaz

1. Post YOUR photo wearing red, may it be red top, bottom, the least would be red accessories if u hate wearing red. If u can’t find one, u still have an option.Either post your significant other’s photo or your child’s photo, if u have one.Of course, they should be wearing red.

tu diaaa.. dgn background2 sekali merah.

2. Let us know the reason why u were wearing that particular day.Was it ur birthday? Is red ur fave color or was it the shirt that u first saw in ur closet that day?

==> ini saja gambar yg Mommy pakai red :P Hafiy pon xdak baju red. hwa3x. nak ke? besok2 la ye. huhu.

Mommy nk tengok mommy2 lain especially Mama Ryan wa MommyAdam & clans in red bole? :D kasi gegarrrrrr!

Mommy - A BFing Promoter

i was away from office on Monday & Tuesday, attending a presentation skill course at Marriott Miri [i'm really into this course bcoz my presentation skill is almost 0 (read:zero)]. it was the first course i attended, after my comeback.

it was a 2 day course, where during the first day, we have to make a short presentation for 2 minutes, and the 2nd day, we have to make a-10-minutes presentation.

my first assignment, i was totally blank. i didn't have anything in mind [perhaps any good thing] to share with my 13 'classmates' and the trainer. even if she (the trainer) didn't stress on the content, but only the structure, but definitely i don't want to make any 'empty speech'. at least, it should be a something.

the idea came about 2 minutes before the session started (my turn was no. 8). i chose (it accidentally came to my mind) a topic of 'Benefits of Being A Breastfeeding Working Mom'. and some points i spontaneously caught. it might sound silly but it just a taught to fill the session anyway...
The Benefits of Being A Breastfeeding Working Mom (presented by Mommy)
1. You can get back in shape, with no diet nor exercise.
2. You can have frequent break during the busy office hour (as what men have their smoking breaks)
3. You can double the style.. by carrying 2 bags! (of course the pump bag!)
guess what.. i caught attention from my 'classmates', especially the guys. i knew that not many guys are exposed to breastfeeding, especially for working moms. and when i showed my pump bag off, some of them said "oh i think it is just a bag, but it has milk inside ha..".

for the second presentation, i prepared PowerPoint Presentation Slides titled 'How to Choose A Breastpump'. my turn was just after lunch. full of suspens cos people are at the hour of 'sleepy and tiring'. i was afraid if nobody listened to my presentation, and it is enough to amke me feel down. but surprisingly, it caught attention, especially from the gentlemen. oh dear, i got a big applause and how sweet a dear Mr said "i really support this, i'm going to encourage my daughters to BF, and i'll support if you make initiative to make a Mother's Room at our office".

so sweet. i wish i could do it again. come working moms, let's BFing!

what a house should be

our house..

is our home.
this is where we live, sleep, eat, and have fun. and most important, it's where we spread love to each other.

is a place for the remembrance of Allah.
Rasulullah said "the likeliness of a house in which Allah is remembered, and the house in which Allah is not remembered, is that of the living and the dead, respectively".
we want to make our house a living ones, and angel's inviting. so what else to do other than remembering Allah, by reviving zikrullah, discussing Islamic issues, and read Islamic books.

is our Qiblah.
take our home as a place for worship. we prepare a space so that we can pray jamaah. and of course you're joining us!

is our fortress.
where the outside world is threatening us with many 'wars', physically and spiritually, our house is the best place to shelter.

is our foundation school.
what we learn at home, teach us how to deal with outside world. it doesn't have to be a systematic-curriculum-and-syllabus, anything that we do is a learning, to be played later out there.
and even if it is only a small shelf, we prepare books, making it a mini library.

is a place to practice Islamic ruling.
it's just simple2 things like give Salaam before entering house, seek permission before entering one's room, etc.

is our board room.
it's where we can sit together, and discuss about issues within and without our family, that affect ours. this is a sign of strong ties and bonding between us. it is also a platform for our kids to channel their emotions, problems, opinion, etc. insya-Allah.
i hope, by having this, it will avoid our children to talk to bad companies, when they have problems, that may let to many other evils.

is a peace city.
it's rare for people to live together under one roof without arguments, but reconciliation is better and correcting is a virtue. an 'open' conflict able to shake a family's unity, when a mother shows that she has war with the father and vice versa, it might cause confusion in the little ones, and let them be in turnoil.
we try to avoid any conflicts, but if it's happen, let it be just between the two of us, behind our kids' eyes.

is like a theme park, full of fun and open to anybody, but they have to check-in
we don't simply invite strangers to our house. we HAVE to know our guests, and this is very important when our children grow up. we HAVE to know with whom you're making friend with, even if you don't take them home, but because you belong to this household, we OUGHT to know.
we should take a careful note on what our kids are up to.

is a scheduled basis
we are not a family who are 'you may eat if you want' or 'you may go out anytime you want', etc. we gather at dining table, and do activities together.

has bad manner resisting system
we don't allow any bad manners to be practice in our house. lying, backbiting, gossiping, slandering, etc. is out of our rules.

we shouldn't disclose our:-
- intimate secrets.
- marital conflicts.
- any secrets that by exposing any will cause harm to our family members.

our house..

it is only a small, little rented house but filled with love and care.

Hafiy's Pnemucoccal Immunisation

We discussed with the paed, Dr. Philip about taking this immunization. He suggested that we should NOT take this injection WITH other injection, e.g. monthly injection+additional ones. so he suggested it should be taken separately.

At the clinic, Hafiy is having every-month injection [other than he doesn’t follow the new gomen schedule, Sarawak babies have to take additional compulsory immunization i.e. Japanese Echapalitis (JE)], but for the month 6-8 he is free from injection, before taking first JE dose at 9 month. So Dr. Philip recommended Hafiy to has his first Pnemuccocal dosage at 6 month, the second at 7 month and the third which is the final dose at 8 month. So it’s completing his every-month-injection. Walla!

The cost for pnemucoccal in Miri is a bit high, and I think it’s the highest even compared to KL. RM350 for a jab. But it’s nothing kan if later he’s infected by the pnemucoccus (naudzubillah), nyesal tak sudah (like what happened when we refused to ‘invest’ in Hafiy’s stem cell and later we finally need it *sedih*).

We were then a bit skeptical about the un-compulsory things like this (and the stemcell). But when one of our family member needed it badly, we just could say our regret because it happened just 4 months after Hafiy was born. Now, no exception for health matter. No matter how high the cost, if its for prevention, it's never be higher than the curing cost! And the effects after being infected. :'(

Next baby, a stemcell co's gonna have another account!
Pneumococcus is a bacterium (germ) which can cause pneumonia, meningitis and some other infections – middle ear infection, blood infection, etc. Pneumonia caused by pneumococcus occurs in about 1 in 1000 adults each year. About 2 in 10 people who develop this type of pneumonia die from the infection. Pneumococcal infection can affect anybody. However, young children, older people, and some other groups of people are at increased risk of developing a pneumococcal infection.

Three groups of people should be immunised: children, older people, and other people 'at risk'.

Other at-risk groups
  • Any person over the age of two months in an 'at-risk' group should be immunised. That is, if you:
  • Do not have a spleen, or if your spleen does not work properly.
  • Have a chronic (ongoing) serious lung disease. For example: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma which requires regular use of steroid tablets, cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung fibrosis, pneumoconiosis, etc.
  • Are a child who has previously been admitted to hospital with pneumonia.
  • Have a chronic heart disease. For example: if you require regular medication or follow-up for ischaemic heart disease (angina, heart attacks, etc), congenital heart disease, chronic heart failure, hypertensive heart disease (not uncomplicated high blood pressure that is controlled with medication).
  • Have a serious chronic kidney disease. For example: nephrotic syndrome, kidney failure, if you have had a kidney transplant.
  • Have a chronic liver disease such as cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis.
  • Have diabetes which requires insulin or tablets to control it.
  • Have a poor immune system (immunosuppression). For example, if you have no spleen, are taking chemotherapy or steroid treatment, if you have HIV/AIDS, etc.
  • Have a cochlear implant.
  • Have a CSF shunt (a shunt to drain the fluid that surrounds the brain).
  • Are a child under five years who has previously had a pneumococcal disease such as pneumococcal meningitis or pneumococcal bacteraemia.
menempek --> side effect of all vaccination : here. side effect of JE vaccine : here. mcm horor. harap2 Hafiy x apa2 la...

My 6 Month Baby...

sekejap masa berlalu. rasa macam baru je lahirkan Hafiy. macam baru je cuba2 BF Hafiy. skg Hafiy dah setengah tahun & 'penghisap' susu yg mahir dalam pelbagai posisi. huhu.



you are so unique. you're really have your own pace of development.


1. sit without support
yay! dah tak tumbang!

Book... or TV???

nak dokong!!! nak dokong!!!

2. roll over from back to tummy

3. can fit sandal yg Aunty Babe kasik!


quality check


1. roll over from tummy to back

2. creep

3. crawl

and these things, Mommy & Abiy thought you can't, but kantoi when i peeped you at Kak Ana's (what do you call her? i dunno) house.

1. depang tangan mintak dokong. kat umah xpenah buat pun, bila Mami intai kat umah Kak Ana, tengok duk sengi2 depang tangan mintak Kak Ana dokong.

2. main toys. kat umah duk gigit mr Police yg MAS kasik tu. Abiy beli Ferrari Shell tu xmo main. kat sana, Kak Ana bgtau Mami "Hafiy ni excited je tgk abang2 main mainan, nak main sama".

3. jalan ke depan bila berdiri. kat rumah Hafiy reverse! bila Mami pegi sana, Kak Ana buat macam tu Mami kata "dia xbole lagi la kak" tau apa Kak Ana ckp? "eh, dah pandai la. lama dah bolan ke depan" wah malu Mami! mak yg tak tau anak dah bole buat apa!!!

ape punye perangai ni! ape lagi yg Hafiy bole buat di belakang Mommy?

and as a birthday gift... jeng jeng jeng...

nasi lecek+ebm

apple puree + ebm

yum yum~

nak suap sdr lar!

gigit sudu ni best gak

Mommy suap~

nak minum sdr!

tp Hafiy bukan nk mamam sgt pon. ngengada je lebih.

sayangla Hafiy... manja2 Mami ni~