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what a house should be

our house..

is our home.
this is where we live, sleep, eat, and have fun. and most important, it's where we spread love to each other.

is a place for the remembrance of Allah.
Rasulullah said "the likeliness of a house in which Allah is remembered, and the house in which Allah is not remembered, is that of the living and the dead, respectively".
we want to make our house a living ones, and angel's inviting. so what else to do other than remembering Allah, by reviving zikrullah, discussing Islamic issues, and read Islamic books.

is our Qiblah.
take our home as a place for worship. we prepare a space so that we can pray jamaah. and of course you're joining us!

is our fortress.
where the outside world is threatening us with many 'wars', physically and spiritually, our house is the best place to shelter.

is our foundation school.
what we learn at home, teach us how to deal with outside world. it doesn't have to be a systematic-curriculum-and-syllabus, anything that we do is a learning, to be played later out there.
and even if it is only a small shelf, we prepare books, making it a mini library.

is a place to practice Islamic ruling.
it's just simple2 things like give Salaam before entering house, seek permission before entering one's room, etc.

is our board room.
it's where we can sit together, and discuss about issues within and without our family, that affect ours. this is a sign of strong ties and bonding between us. it is also a platform for our kids to channel their emotions, problems, opinion, etc. insya-Allah.
i hope, by having this, it will avoid our children to talk to bad companies, when they have problems, that may let to many other evils.

is a peace city.
it's rare for people to live together under one roof without arguments, but reconciliation is better and correcting is a virtue. an 'open' conflict able to shake a family's unity, when a mother shows that she has war with the father and vice versa, it might cause confusion in the little ones, and let them be in turnoil.
we try to avoid any conflicts, but if it's happen, let it be just between the two of us, behind our kids' eyes.

is like a theme park, full of fun and open to anybody, but they have to check-in
we don't simply invite strangers to our house. we HAVE to know our guests, and this is very important when our children grow up. we HAVE to know with whom you're making friend with, even if you don't take them home, but because you belong to this household, we OUGHT to know.
we should take a careful note on what our kids are up to.

is a scheduled basis
we are not a family who are 'you may eat if you want' or 'you may go out anytime you want', etc. we gather at dining table, and do activities together.

has bad manner resisting system
we don't allow any bad manners to be practice in our house. lying, backbiting, gossiping, slandering, etc. is out of our rules.

we shouldn't disclose our:-
- intimate secrets.
- marital conflicts.
- any secrets that by exposing any will cause harm to our family members.

our house..

it is only a small, little rented house but filled with love and care.