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Starting Solids

there are many theories about starting solids:

1. anytime even if since birth coz the baby is hungry ---> yg ni langsung xleh pakai! huhu.

2. the earliest is 4 month, the latest is 6 month.
3. @4 month.
4. @6 month.
5. the earliest @6 month.
6. doesn't matter as long as the baby is OK but after month 6.
..and many more.

as for me, it must be after you reached your 6 month, doesnt matter when. and initially we planned to intro solids ater 8 month, but now Abiy yg tak tahan you! tak tahan tengok berat badan xnaik. hoho~

and you have to know that this is a very drastic decision. i never prepare anything for starting solids @6month! so i made a quick, fast track plan for solids introduction, in a day!

i listed several recipes for your first week of solids intro. (more to come lah)

1. nasik lecek + ebm* ===> the very first food. just make it a bit thicker than breastmilk.
2. milky carrot**.
3. milky green vege**.
4. milky apple**.

*lecek the nasik with strainer, and add EBM.
**boil the vege with formula milk, when it soft, strain or blend. i use Dupro (the cheapest!). and add EBM to make its gravy just before eaten. -froze to be used in 24hrs only.

my way:
1. only 1 tablespoon for the very first time feeding.
2. wait for 3-4 days for new food, to ensure no allergic.
3. no sweet2 food. let you get used to plain food flavor. huhu.
4. do it gradually. i wait for you to poo-poo before start the next feeding to ensure no problem with your poo-poo.
5. be creative in cooking depend on mood, time and availability. huhu. - steam, boil, microvawe or bake.

some useful websites:
wholesomebabyfood (don't mistake by www.wholesomebabyfoods.com)

so excited!