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Mommy - A BFing Promoter

i was away from office on Monday & Tuesday, attending a presentation skill course at Marriott Miri [i'm really into this course bcoz my presentation skill is almost 0 (read:zero)]. it was the first course i attended, after my comeback.

it was a 2 day course, where during the first day, we have to make a short presentation for 2 minutes, and the 2nd day, we have to make a-10-minutes presentation.

my first assignment, i was totally blank. i didn't have anything in mind [perhaps any good thing] to share with my 13 'classmates' and the trainer. even if she (the trainer) didn't stress on the content, but only the structure, but definitely i don't want to make any 'empty speech'. at least, it should be a something.

the idea came about 2 minutes before the session started (my turn was no. 8). i chose (it accidentally came to my mind) a topic of 'Benefits of Being A Breastfeeding Working Mom'. and some points i spontaneously caught. it might sound silly but it just a taught to fill the session anyway...
The Benefits of Being A Breastfeeding Working Mom (presented by Mommy)
1. You can get back in shape, with no diet nor exercise.
2. You can have frequent break during the busy office hour (as what men have their smoking breaks)
3. You can double the style.. by carrying 2 bags! (of course the pump bag!)
guess what.. i caught attention from my 'classmates', especially the guys. i knew that not many guys are exposed to breastfeeding, especially for working moms. and when i showed my pump bag off, some of them said "oh i think it is just a bag, but it has milk inside ha..".

for the second presentation, i prepared PowerPoint Presentation Slides titled 'How to Choose A Breastpump'. my turn was just after lunch. full of suspens cos people are at the hour of 'sleepy and tiring'. i was afraid if nobody listened to my presentation, and it is enough to amke me feel down. but surprisingly, it caught attention, especially from the gentlemen. oh dear, i got a big applause and how sweet a dear Mr said "i really support this, i'm going to encourage my daughters to BF, and i'll support if you make initiative to make a Mother's Room at our office".

so sweet. i wish i could do it again. come working moms, let's BFing!