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kenapa syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu

i love you sayang~

when i was a little girl (now still a girl but a bit bigger), i always pondered about the statement of 'syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu'. my teacher said, it is so because your mom gave birth to you. -is it all? +yes, it's just because your mom delivered you to this very world. -so how about dad? he was the main person contributing in the 'production' of me. if there was no daddy, i shouldn't be there. +but your mom gave birth to you... [i left unsatisfactorily].

now after having my own child, then i truly understand why the 'syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu'.

when a lady discovered that she was pregnant:
  1. she called, texted, emailed, etc. everybody telling that "I'M PREGNANT!" with a rosy smile.
  2. she started to watch her food intake. she googled and read any info about food to avoid and food to take by pregnant lady. even if only for small things like MSG, she would question "can i take MSG during pregnancy?" even if during 'not pregnant' she never cared about what food she took.
  3. she started to watch her activities. she changed her heels into 'a lower' type. she stopped doing extreme activities. and even sometimes she refused to 'say yes' to her husband because of 'afraid if it might hurting the baby'.
  4. she went to the doctor regularly, just to ensure the baby was doing fine.
  5. she willingly took supplement like acid folic, etc. even if she was a type who 'i rather die than to swallow the pill'.
  6. she watch her words, so that the baby won't hear anything except good words.
  7. she was very happy to see her body expanding.
  8. she sought for the best name to give to her child.
  9. she didn't care about the morning sickness, aching belly, backache, 'bengkak' brst, etc. as long as the baby was OK.
  10. she wanted to give the best for her baby, the best food, the best dress, the best bed, the best toy, etc. even if she never cared about them for her own life.
  11. she loved to talk to her baby, even if the baby couldn't say any word, but a single kick was enough to make her fly to the cloud 9.
  12. on top of everything, she knew that giving birth is about life and death, but she wanted to do it for her baby, the only love of hers and her husband's.
and when the baby was born:
  1. she woke up all nights for the baby.
  2. she fed the baby with her own milk (or formula milk made by her).
  3. she wouldn't let anybody or anything harm her baby, especially the bugs.
  4. she watched her food intake to ensure the baby was fine (if she breastfed).
  5. she loved to kiss her baby more than kissing the father :D
  6. she thought that her baby is the cutest creature of the universe.
  7. she loved to shop for her baby rather than for herself.
  8. she put her baby the first priority in her life.
  9. she couldn't rely on anybody to take care of her baby like how she take care of hers.
  10. she rather had a sagging brst than stop BFing her baby..
(& both lists go to infinity)

didn't those explain enough why mother is the ticket holder to paradise? anybody dare to challenge?

1 peekture, 5 generations.
my son, me, my mom, my mom's mom, my mom's mom's mom.
all are moms, with a handsome guy who's gonna make somebody a mom. hehe.