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Our Journey

Hafiy is 6 months plus now. and this is an end to our exclusive breastfeeding journey.

I relook on my old emails and found back an email from Sha, my Singaporean fren, which I received long ago before Hafiy was born. She wrote to me about breastfeeding natures (problems?) those she faced, but however some mothers are confused with it, and conclude that they “can’t breastfeed”. Sha was very determined to BF, even I haven’t do what she had. She went to BF classes, several times!

If I can summarize here what she shared with me then:

1. baby taknak suckle : she called the nurses each time she wanted to BF her son. I’d like to quote her : “Masa tu stress sngt Allah saja yang tahu. Mana dgn kita sakit baru lepas bersalin lepas tu anak pulak ‘tak nak’ hisap susu. I picit call bell panggil nurse suruh ajar I cam mane. Nurse pun lama jugak nak ajar I n positionkan baby supaya dpt latch”

2. self doubt : “I feel my son is not getting milk sebab tu die asik minum aje tapi still tak gain weight. I even contemplated nak kasi my son formula sebab walaupun I tahu BM is the best tapi I risau kalau anak I tak dpt khasiatnya. Alhamdulillah my husband very supportive. He stayed up with me on those nights yg I nangis even though die kerja masuk kul 6 pagi and encourage me to not give up”.

before I gave birth to Hafiy, I made some ‘research’ about BFing & one of it is ‘What Can Make I Fail to BF?’. I even started threads in many forums about problems those might cause ‘fail to BF’. And asked around, BF mommies about that. And I found out that, unless i have no breast, then I have no problem at all.

before I knew those BF otais, I always consult with my gynae, Dr Aida about BFing (of course she is BFing too!). I still remember my question then “Doktor, cemana kalo lepas bersalin susu takde?” She answered “lepas bersalin mmg susu xde lagi. It takes 2-3 days utk susu ada”. And I asked lagi “abes tu ape baby nak makan? Kene bagi susu lain ke?” and she answered (with laugh) “no need lah. Allah Maha Kaya. Dia mmg jadikan baby baru lahir cukup dgn ape yg mak dia ada. U just give your baby hisap your breast, he’ll be fine. Afterall, baby mmg akan lose weight ms first week”.

so I never prepared any tin of FM at home, even if ms Hafiy lahir, 4 days later baru my susu developed. (yes he had FM kat hospital, but only just after he was born je). i believed that he was a survivor, and if the mother cows can feed their calves, why can't i?

our BFing journey.. it’s not incidental. i’m not just lucky.i work hard to achieve this ¼ of our BFing journey.

may Allah put His bless on us, to complete our another 3/4 of this journey. ameen.

big boy now.. can sit steadily without support.

i'm so happy Mommy! i can roll over now!

Mommy's boys.

it's OK i won't disturb your dinner.

Mommy, milk please....