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doa utk mu baby..

you are 7week 5day now. mommy is still the same as yesterday. fatigue!

for you baby, mommy & abi (he wants to be called as ABI by now) hold our hand toward Allah SWT, may you be safe in mommy's womb..

"Dengan nama Allah yg Maha Pemurah lagi Maha mengasihani."

"Ya Allah, peliharalah anakku selama di dalam kandungan dan sembuhkan lah ia, Engkau Maha penyembuh, tiada sembuhan melainkan penawarMu, sembuh yg tidak meninggalkan kesan buruk. Ya Allah lahirkan ia dari kandunganku dengan kelahiran yg mudah dan sejahtera (selamat). Ya Allah, jadikanlah dia sihat sempurna, cerdik berakal dan berilmu serta beramal soleh. Ya Allah, elokkan akhlak (perangai), fasihkanlah lidahnya dan perelokkanlah suaranya untuk membaca hadis dan Al-Quran dengan berkat Nabi Muhammad (SAW)."

amiin ya Rabbal-Alamiin.

7 weeks embryo

look, your tail is started to shorten. look at your hands.. your webbed fingers become visible this week. you have a tiny elbow and your heart is the biggest organ now.

you liver is busy producing red blood cell and your pancreas is producing insulin to aid in digestion.

mommy? urgh... the morning sickness is killing me everyday. (i think it's not only morning sickness but everytime sickness!). but i am very thankful for that. morning sickness indicates that you are OK and healthy.

my appetite decrease, and mommy start to have a feeling of craving your granny's cuisine. but we are unfortunate baby, very unfortunate. food here is very sucks in taste! sabar ajela...

U r big!

baby you are big. you are only 7weeks but you're like a 2-month buddy. mommy feel really excited and thanks Allah for your fast growth.

today my morning sickness is uh well, a bit okay that yesterday. maybe the effect of shaklee that mommy take. it just a bit dizzy and drowsy.

tonite after dinner daddy brings us to Canada Hill. for the very first time mommy (& u also) see the Grand Old Lady. you know what is it baby? it's the first oil rig in Malaysia. (Malaysia or South Asia? urgh.. im not sure).

baby we feel very proud of you. you're doing great!

im fatigue!

oooh my baby.. look wahat you've done to your mommy..seharian mommy tido je tau :)

but it's ok. as logn as baby mommy sihat. mommy tgk baby mommy dah besar & dah mcm orang besar dah. hehe. well done sayang! muachhh!!!

Why I am Writing

my boy [m0mmy harap u'll become a BOY],

actually mommy xde tepikir pun nak tulis apa2 about my pregnancy but bila mommy fikir, this is the only thing mommy will have (other than mulut ke mulut story). mommy want you to know how much mommy LOVE you even if you're still in my tummy & how much u r welcomed to this small world of mommy & daddy.

mommy want you to know how who were breed, how mommy treat you everyday before you were born, how mommy feel throughout this pregnancy... etc. etc.

mommy want you to be a boy, a son who would never neglect your own family. a very responsible person and the one who would take care of us when you grow up. and of course to be someone better than mommy & daddy.

for you my son, every single minute, mommy keep on praying for your health, along this pregnancy, may Allah keep you safe and sound in my womb. and just come out when the time is right. which is... this october.

we love you boy~

6 weeks embryo

hellooo....!!! are you listening???

your inner ear is developing now. can your hear us???

you are a size of kidney bean. very small but you have webbed fingers now (to small to be seen). you start to have human limbs even if they are now as per real ratio. you head is bigger than your body, you still have tail, but your heart is start to beat.

you're preparing your body to receive blood circulation. and mommy start to feel you physically when my upper pubic started to harden.

5 weeks Embryo

is that you? you are not resemble a human at all!

now you have developed your nerve. and you're preparing rooms for your inner and outer organs. you are now 3 layers baby! the outer layer will become your brain, nerve and skin. your middle layer will become the bones, muscles, blood vessels, heart, and sex organs, while your middle layer will later become your stomach, liver, intestines, lungs, and urinary tract. isn't it beautiful?

mommy can't imagine how a single cell of mine an a single cell of your daddy now becoming you! it's awesome right baby?

mommy still can't feel you inside me, but mommy knows you're there when you give signal everytime after mommy have a drink, to go pee-pee frequently. you are pressing mommy's bladder. that's make mommy realize that you're here!

furthermore, you makes mommy's hormone going crazy! mommy would cry and laugh in a second. mommy would mad at daddy and hug him later on. even, mommy can't eat any favourite food of mine! if it's not because of you, mommy won't eat, bet it.

three of us

during lunch break daddy brought mommy to the clinic. we met dr noor. mommy told her that my UPT was positive and i wanted her to confirm whether baby is really here or it was just a fake result. she wanted to scan my lower abdomen. mommy could see something black and round (after the doctor showed me).

it was you!

knowing that mommy is carrying you, we started to buy supplementary food for your benefit. knowing that we now attached together and you depend fully on me, mommy take more iron for the blood to carry more oxygen. and of course folic acid is a must to prevent you from spinal bifida and other brain disease. mommy continue taking folic acid since mommy had taken it before my pregnancy begun.

since your brain has been developed in your forth week, mommy start to take fish oil. mommy want you to be a smart boy. at least better than mommy & daddy.


we bought a set of pregnancy test from guardian a couple of day ago. yesterday abg asked about the result, i said i didn't do it yet. afraid it was too early. or i just dont wanna know. but abg insisted me to do it immediately and i just said, tomorrow morning, when the hormone would be higher.

if it's not because of the 'offer' to join the FESI at west lutong on the 13th and 14th, i swear i won't do any test. I DON'T NEED ANY INDICATOR TO TELL ME THAT I'M NOT PREGNANT! but since abg 'encourage' me to do the test, to ensure that i am not pregnant, so i'll able to attend the FESI.

actually my period is very irregular. i never have a consistent cycle even if i took EPO for several months. that's make me feel nothing even if i am a week late.

sunday morning, when i went to the bathroom, i put a little drop of urine on the test card. then i take my bath and just let it... let it be what it wanna be.

guess what when i come back??? it's 2 lines!!! i can't believe it until i send sms's to my aunties and friends asking them "betul ke kalo ada 2 line tu mengandung?"