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My Children Development at 27 Months and 13 Month

Hafiy is 27 month old. So he is 2 years old now. Lil Fahry is 13 month old and celebrated his first birthday last month.

Let's see how they are doing..

  • Recognizes some phonic sound but not so confident to 'spell' them correctly. He could recognize some simple words like CAT, FAT, MAT, HAT. However for longer words, e.g. BABY, he just could say "Beh... Ar... Beh.." which is very good for a 2 year old boy. Bravo!
  • Counting is still not very good. He knows the numbers 1-10, now in training to know 11-20, however he still can't count. If there are 3 objects, he'll keep on counting and counting 1,2,3,4,5,6.. even though they are only three items!
  • Arabic alphabet also just so-so. He knows some letters with their sound like Mim =Ma, Ba'=Ba, Dal=Da, Sin=Sa..
  • Could be count on to tidy up his belongings. Just give him some condition "You tidy up your toys and I'll give you milk".
  • Still fully breastfeeding.
  • Can say "Mommy!". Usually he only called me "Mi!"
  • Said his first word ="Car!".
  • Loves to point on object and talk in his language.
  • Broke his prosthesis and now living without one.
  • Got his cradle cap severe day by day. Ayyyooo! (Has been to several doctors and paed)
  • Likes to bit me. Adoii!
So now I use this blog to jot down their development and create another blog, to jot what I've been doing with them.


Happy New Year 2010

Today is already 3rd January 2010. I am reactivating this blog, to joy down my kids' development from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year.

Today I am blessed, as Hafiy is now 27 months old and Fahry is 13 month old. Both of them are getting cheekier and develop their own personality, which are very head-aching LOL.

Happy new year everyone!