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Hafiy 1 Week Before 1 Month

A) Hafiy Bgn Mlm Qiamullail dgn MommyA
B)Hafiy Baru Senyap After Melalak
C)Penin Biler la nk Balik Miri
D)Posing d Hari Raya

So, Mcm Muka Sapa? Mommy or Abiy?

After Few Weeks...

thanks to dayat for updating Hafiy's piccas.

we don't have internet connection at home. it had been down for 2 weeks now. i dont know what happen to the telephone line... might be cut by pencuri kabel. lucky all of us have handphone. eiii... lamanya xupdate!

actually, Mommy already wrote 2 articles for Abi to publish here, but till today i don't see any.. hehe. Abi must be very busy right now.

i have no pic with me to be uploaded. Abi wey.. please la publish Hafiy's pics here~
24 days now... it seems like a blink for me. since last 2 week (when Abi went back to Miri) my daily routine is as boring as this:

6.00am Hafiy wakes up. change his nappy (usually done by my Mom :P)
6.30am Go back to sleep together with Hafiy.
7.30am The tukang urut comes. Urut & tungku. She can;t even touch my belly during her 1st visit. geliiiii :D Hafiy wakes up several times during the urut2 session for feeding. usually i gave him EBM.
10.30am Urut2 session done. breastfeed Hafiy.
10.45am Mommy breakfast time.
11.00am Hafiy's bathing time!
11.30am Mommy time for mandi!
12.00pm EBM + ubat sakit perut for Hafiy. poor him, suffers colic for nearly 3weeks now.. breastfeeding menyusul after the EBM habis.
2.00pm Mommy's lunch time.
3.00pm Rehat2 bersama Hafiy + nappy change + breastfeeding (rehat? he wants me to sing and cradle him ALL THE TIME!)
6.00pm Parents back from work. Hafiy changes clothes & nappy.
8.00pm Mommy's dinner time.
9.00pm Hafiy's sleep time.
11.00pm Hafiy wakes up. again Mommy have to sing and cradle him ALL THE TIME.
11.15pm Hafiy sleeps.
12.00am Hafiy wakes up.
12.15am Hafiy sleeps.
every 1 hour Hafiy wakes up & sleep after breastfeeding, on & on.
4.00am Hafiy wakes up again and getting harder to sleep.

fact about Hafiy:
1. suka kecikkan mulut.
2. suka angkat kepala & tunjal kaki while lay on his stomach,
3. when breastfeed- minum seteguk, tido... but can finish a bottle of EBM.
4. likes Spongebob Squarepants.
5. manjer teramat.

ops.. time's out! GTG... cc dah nak tutup!
:( bilerla.. intenet nak balik....

Hello World!


this real story is a bit contradict with Abi's version ;p

actually, i didn't know it was labor.

on the 4th, about 2pm, it was a yellowish thick mucus came out but only for once, and i tot it was only the usual discharge, but maybe slightly thicker. the next day about 4.30pm, light mucus+blood appeared, followed by strong backache like what i usually experience during mensturation. i called dr. awang telling him about what happen, he said, it usually takes 2-3 days for the first child after the 'show' appears. and he asked me to go to the hospital if i have stomach ache (contraction) in every 10 minutes. but i didn't feel any pain on my belly, only on my back. he said "oh, it's just the sign".

i told my mom. she said, she usually had abdominal cramp and not backache. again, i tot it was just 'the sign' and the true contraction is still far ahead. "for how long i have to wait...?"

at 9.00pm, my aunties & granny came to the house. looking at my condition, granny suggested to go straight to the hospital since i had a very severe backache. so accompanied by my mom, uncle, auntie & granny, we rushed to PSH. before got into the car, i took 2 pills of ubat selusuh given by my auntie earlier in the morning.

after registring at Emergency & Accident, the nurse pushed me into the labour room. i still didn't feel the cramp but the backache frequency was getting closer. the nurse, called Kak Zura asked me to change to pink hospital dress and laid down on the bed. she put the device to check my contraction and baby's heartbeat on my belly... reaaaaallly disturbing! however, the chart showed that my contraction was 2-3minutes apart! but since this is the first baby, and my show only happened 5 hours ago, she told my family that this is just 'main-main aje ni'. she said, the earliest i'm gonna give birth is in the morning.

but my backache was very strong, like it's gonna broke. i said to myself, if this is only 'main-main', i can't imagine how severe the true labor is.

but, looking at my condition, my aunt asked Kak Zura to check my dilation. she just tried and.. uh-oh, it was 5-6cm! she called the doctor but dr. awang will only coming after terawikh. huhu. she gave me ethonox gas but i tot i doesn't help much.

the labor pain is really....... if i can tell..... until at one point i could say "cemana la ada orang nak beranak ramai2... :P"

at 11.00pm, dr awang came and check my dilation. he said, "don't push even if you feel to do so. you're still not fully dilate. i know you'll feel an urge to push as the baby's pressing your rectum". dr awang gave me drip of pethadine. he asked me to sleep while waiting for fully dilation.

but i really felt a strong urge to push! i told Kak Zura that i really need to push. she asked me to push side-lying and slowly so that it won't hurt my baby. it was really painful until i menggelupur! then she checked me and found out "owh, i can see the baby's hair! OK..OK.. you may push now!" and she rushed to the the doctor (i tot he was nicely talking to my dad telling that the earliest i'm gonna deliver in the next 2 hours..).

dr awang and another nurse came. i started pushing at 11.30pm, i guess. the backache all gone, left me with a BIG THING TO PUSH! it was like a soccer game, the nurses pom-pomed me with "good, Along! good! you're doing very good!" and at 12.01am 6th october 2007...


name : HAFIY (Kind & Affectionate in Arabic)
weight : 3.3kg
height : 54 cm

but, i have no chance to give him my breastmilk as his first feeding since the drug made me fall asleep JUST AFTER he came out. even i didn't know when was the placenta delivered!


Abi came back a day after Hafiy was delivered. and Hafiy's Atok & Tok Wan also came down all the way from KL just to see their first grandchild!

And Mommy's night become full-breastfeeding session. Hafiy wakes up every one hour asking for milk! And sleeps the whole day.

Hafiy's second day at home.

MommyA is a Mom NOW!!!

Announcing the arrival of a new member in our family, Hafiy

MommyA succesfully deliver a baby boy weighted 3.3kg @ 12.01am this morning.

  • Feel the pain @ 8.45pm & text Dr Awang and her mom in law about the condition.
  • @ 9.30pm decided to go hospital
  • 10.30pm smpai Hospital Perdana by her aunty's Unser merah
  • Straightaway masuk labour room, and Dr Awang pn baru sampai
  • @ 11.15pm jalan dh bukak 6.0cm, and
  • @ 12.01am, Hafiy selamat dilahirkan.
Tak dapat nk lahir on 13, sbb Hafiy nk join this upcoming raya. :)

Now AbiyH: Still in Miri


i guess that could be our final check up before next appointment at Emergency & Accident, then to labour room on the 11th. i felt a little bit weird meeting the doctor this time. maybe because of Abi wasn't there so i lost my word or maybe because i was very tired due to my unpleasent sleep caused by minor diarrhea the nite before. but the meeting was very plain and i felt 'it wasn't fully utilized'. luckily we dont have to pay any cent!

dr awang gave us another appoinment next week, which i guess it could be the door to welcome you here, and have your official name :D he's gonna perform CTG on you and check my dilation and asked me to come with Abi :D very supportive and understanding-lah the doctor, willing to wait until Abi comes back here for the procedures.

this week, i didn't gain weight. still 55kg :D wow! so happy OK! and his comment was "you don't build any fat. what you have on your big tummy is only the baby, not your own fat" :D well doc, i am 4kg lighter than my targeted weight! :P soo happy like wanna jump! thank you dear for absorbing all my calories :D

and because of that, i have to pay for it. your very effective weight gain and growth! 300gms in a week, dr awang said, the maximum healthy weight a fetus should gain :) despite my puasa and not-so-high-appetite, you're progressing very well. Mommy & Abi wanted you to be born smaller than 3kgs, now you're already 3.1kg.... don't you know that this makes Abi worry coz he afraid if i have to undergo c-section. and so does my mom. but i told them.. other moms gave birth to more than 4kgs babies vaginally and they have no problem with that. and according to the doctor, size is not a driver to c-section, provided the baby's position is posterior, not a breech one, the placenta's location is at the upper side and there's no other complication that needs for operation such as baby's heartbeat is unstable, baby already passing meconium, dried amniotic fluid, etc.

and you position is very good, posterior with the matured placenta placed next to your bottom and my left rib. you are already engaged, the amniotic fluid's index is 14.1 which is very good and your movement is OK. i hope that you're happy laying in my womb until next week :) dr awang said "buah dah ranum sgt dah tp xnak gugur jugak" :P i told him, "dia nk tunggu ayah dia balik dulu" :)

and he said, the only method to induce labor is having frequent sex. and the walking2, running2, jumping2 are not in medical proven list :D. this gonna be next week's agenda.

alhamdulillah, up to this point, i still can perform my obligation as a Muslim during this Ramadhan. i got many sms-es from friends and aunties asking about my puasa but yet alhamdulillah i have no reason to stop fasting. i don't feel too tired (i guess if i'm not fasting, i still will feel tired. it is very common these days), and your condition is OK. despite my fasting, you're still gaining maximum weight per week. and the amniotic fluid's index is normal. not too high and not too low. i hope i can keep on fasting until the end of the month.

my feeling? it's a real suspense. however, i already packed the hospital bag. just in case... but it is really miserable to me if you don't listen to us ;( i really want Abi to be there, when the labor starts and when you head comes.

i can't wait for next week. Abi's journey from Miri on the 10th started at 4.30pm, and ETA at Pengkalan Chepa at 11pm (considering the delay & whatnot). the next morning, at 8.30am we have to be at PSH for the test, and thus the decision of when you're gonna be born :) remember our promise, on the 13th OK!


i'm not counting the day to give birth, nor counting the day to become Mommy, but counting the day to have Abi here again.

since Abi went to Miri yesterday, this room is so empty. without someone who always willing to lend his hand when i need to get up from bed. hehe. without someone i can talk to. without someone i can channel my complaints. without someone i can share everything. etc.

we are about to enter the period of 10th last nite of Ramadhan. but in my calendar is 10 empty days before we have Abi here again :)

currently, i'm not in the mood of talking about pregnancy. could this be emotion in late pregnancy? i really don't like the question such "bila nk bersalin?" or "bila nk meletop" or any of the kind. if "bila due?" or "bila jangka?" are still acceptable. maybe because we had set in our brain that the delivery should be during the 13th, so it gives me a little pressure to think about when the labor should started. looking at my current condition and look, the elders are 'betting' among them that i'm not gonna hold this pregnancy on until the Eid. but i am very positive that labor won't start unless Abi is here with me, and it's at the end of Ramadhan.

even if all the materials are here already (wish i could upload the piccas but this pc is infected by virus & i dont want to take risk of it may affects my camera's memory card) but i haven't pack for my hospital bag. even worse, no bag at all! haha. look how i'm not ready to welcome a baby before the 13th. 13th, is very significant to us. others maybe think that we wanna have a 'Raya Baby', but it's nothing to do with Raya. let the Raya comes earlier or later, but we are very excited about the number, 13. maybe it looks silly, or even disgusting, but we really wanna make ours a 'FAMILY OF 13'. i was born on 13th june, Abi on 13th september, and we want Baby H to have his DOB on the october 13!

the situation is promising, i guess. no sign of labor, no more stomach cramp, i can sleep heavily everytime i want to. and my itching tummy is getting better. thanks to Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula for Dry, Itchy Skin! after using non-greasy oil, miracle-ly, the itchiness has almost gone. and it's very easy to apply. just spray it on the effected area, do a simple massage and... taraaa!!! (if only i discovered this thing earlier..).

i really want to announce Baby H's full name, but the MoU says i have to wait until he's born. actually i have an idea if he's born during Eid, i want to add a word before his name, to indicate that he's born during the fest. not Syawal, Aidil or Fitri. i said, they are all AFians! hehe. if it's happen, Baby H would have 2 words in his name :) but i dunno Abi will agree or not.

this is a miracle actually, until i could post this entry. i tried for 2 days to logon to the net, i am online but wasn't able to open any website. but tonite, surprisingly it works! maybe the virus is inactive at nite.. :P

we're gonna meet dr awang on wednesday. hopefully good news are waiting for us! but not the delivery!