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this real story is a bit contradict with Abi's version ;p

actually, i didn't know it was labor.

on the 4th, about 2pm, it was a yellowish thick mucus came out but only for once, and i tot it was only the usual discharge, but maybe slightly thicker. the next day about 4.30pm, light mucus+blood appeared, followed by strong backache like what i usually experience during mensturation. i called dr. awang telling him about what happen, he said, it usually takes 2-3 days for the first child after the 'show' appears. and he asked me to go to the hospital if i have stomach ache (contraction) in every 10 minutes. but i didn't feel any pain on my belly, only on my back. he said "oh, it's just the sign".

i told my mom. she said, she usually had abdominal cramp and not backache. again, i tot it was just 'the sign' and the true contraction is still far ahead. "for how long i have to wait...?"

at 9.00pm, my aunties & granny came to the house. looking at my condition, granny suggested to go straight to the hospital since i had a very severe backache. so accompanied by my mom, uncle, auntie & granny, we rushed to PSH. before got into the car, i took 2 pills of ubat selusuh given by my auntie earlier in the morning.

after registring at Emergency & Accident, the nurse pushed me into the labour room. i still didn't feel the cramp but the backache frequency was getting closer. the nurse, called Kak Zura asked me to change to pink hospital dress and laid down on the bed. she put the device to check my contraction and baby's heartbeat on my belly... reaaaaallly disturbing! however, the chart showed that my contraction was 2-3minutes apart! but since this is the first baby, and my show only happened 5 hours ago, she told my family that this is just 'main-main aje ni'. she said, the earliest i'm gonna give birth is in the morning.

but my backache was very strong, like it's gonna broke. i said to myself, if this is only 'main-main', i can't imagine how severe the true labor is.

but, looking at my condition, my aunt asked Kak Zura to check my dilation. she just tried and.. uh-oh, it was 5-6cm! she called the doctor but dr. awang will only coming after terawikh. huhu. she gave me ethonox gas but i tot i doesn't help much.

the labor pain is really....... if i can tell..... until at one point i could say "cemana la ada orang nak beranak ramai2... :P"

at 11.00pm, dr awang came and check my dilation. he said, "don't push even if you feel to do so. you're still not fully dilate. i know you'll feel an urge to push as the baby's pressing your rectum". dr awang gave me drip of pethadine. he asked me to sleep while waiting for fully dilation.

but i really felt a strong urge to push! i told Kak Zura that i really need to push. she asked me to push side-lying and slowly so that it won't hurt my baby. it was really painful until i menggelupur! then she checked me and found out "owh, i can see the baby's hair! OK..OK.. you may push now!" and she rushed to the the doctor (i tot he was nicely talking to my dad telling that the earliest i'm gonna deliver in the next 2 hours..).

dr awang and another nurse came. i started pushing at 11.30pm, i guess. the backache all gone, left me with a BIG THING TO PUSH! it was like a soccer game, the nurses pom-pomed me with "good, Along! good! you're doing very good!" and at 12.01am 6th october 2007...


name : HAFIY (Kind & Affectionate in Arabic)
weight : 3.3kg
height : 54 cm

but, i have no chance to give him my breastmilk as his first feeding since the drug made me fall asleep JUST AFTER he came out. even i didn't know when was the placenta delivered!


Abi came back a day after Hafiy was delivered. and Hafiy's Atok & Tok Wan also came down all the way from KL just to see their first grandchild!

And Mommy's night become full-breastfeeding session. Hafiy wakes up every one hour asking for milk! And sleeps the whole day.

Hafiy's second day at home.