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After Few Weeks...

thanks to dayat for updating Hafiy's piccas.

we don't have internet connection at home. it had been down for 2 weeks now. i dont know what happen to the telephone line... might be cut by pencuri kabel. lucky all of us have handphone. eiii... lamanya xupdate!

actually, Mommy already wrote 2 articles for Abi to publish here, but till today i don't see any.. hehe. Abi must be very busy right now.

i have no pic with me to be uploaded. Abi wey.. please la publish Hafiy's pics here~
24 days now... it seems like a blink for me. since last 2 week (when Abi went back to Miri) my daily routine is as boring as this:

6.00am Hafiy wakes up. change his nappy (usually done by my Mom :P)
6.30am Go back to sleep together with Hafiy.
7.30am The tukang urut comes. Urut & tungku. She can;t even touch my belly during her 1st visit. geliiiii :D Hafiy wakes up several times during the urut2 session for feeding. usually i gave him EBM.
10.30am Urut2 session done. breastfeed Hafiy.
10.45am Mommy breakfast time.
11.00am Hafiy's bathing time!
11.30am Mommy time for mandi!
12.00pm EBM + ubat sakit perut for Hafiy. poor him, suffers colic for nearly 3weeks now.. breastfeeding menyusul after the EBM habis.
2.00pm Mommy's lunch time.
3.00pm Rehat2 bersama Hafiy + nappy change + breastfeeding (rehat? he wants me to sing and cradle him ALL THE TIME!)
6.00pm Parents back from work. Hafiy changes clothes & nappy.
8.00pm Mommy's dinner time.
9.00pm Hafiy's sleep time.
11.00pm Hafiy wakes up. again Mommy have to sing and cradle him ALL THE TIME.
11.15pm Hafiy sleeps.
12.00am Hafiy wakes up.
12.15am Hafiy sleeps.
every 1 hour Hafiy wakes up & sleep after breastfeeding, on & on.
4.00am Hafiy wakes up again and getting harder to sleep.

fact about Hafiy:
1. suka kecikkan mulut.
2. suka angkat kepala & tunjal kaki while lay on his stomach,
3. when breastfeed- minum seteguk, tido... but can finish a bottle of EBM.
4. likes Spongebob Squarepants.
5. manjer teramat.

ops.. time's out! GTG... cc dah nak tutup!
:( bilerla.. intenet nak balik....