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MommyA is a Mom NOW!!!

Announcing the arrival of a new member in our family, Hafiy

MommyA succesfully deliver a baby boy weighted 3.3kg @ 12.01am this morning.

  • Feel the pain @ 8.45pm & text Dr Awang and her mom in law about the condition.
  • @ 9.30pm decided to go hospital
  • 10.30pm smpai Hospital Perdana by her aunty's Unser merah
  • Straightaway masuk labour room, and Dr Awang pn baru sampai
  • @ 11.15pm jalan dh bukak 6.0cm, and
  • @ 12.01am, Hafiy selamat dilahirkan.
Tak dapat nk lahir on 13, sbb Hafiy nk join this upcoming raya. :)

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