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i'm not counting the day to give birth, nor counting the day to become Mommy, but counting the day to have Abi here again.

since Abi went to Miri yesterday, this room is so empty. without someone who always willing to lend his hand when i need to get up from bed. hehe. without someone i can talk to. without someone i can channel my complaints. without someone i can share everything. etc.

we are about to enter the period of 10th last nite of Ramadhan. but in my calendar is 10 empty days before we have Abi here again :)

currently, i'm not in the mood of talking about pregnancy. could this be emotion in late pregnancy? i really don't like the question such "bila nk bersalin?" or "bila nk meletop" or any of the kind. if "bila due?" or "bila jangka?" are still acceptable. maybe because we had set in our brain that the delivery should be during the 13th, so it gives me a little pressure to think about when the labor should started. looking at my current condition and look, the elders are 'betting' among them that i'm not gonna hold this pregnancy on until the Eid. but i am very positive that labor won't start unless Abi is here with me, and it's at the end of Ramadhan.

even if all the materials are here already (wish i could upload the piccas but this pc is infected by virus & i dont want to take risk of it may affects my camera's memory card) but i haven't pack for my hospital bag. even worse, no bag at all! haha. look how i'm not ready to welcome a baby before the 13th. 13th, is very significant to us. others maybe think that we wanna have a 'Raya Baby', but it's nothing to do with Raya. let the Raya comes earlier or later, but we are very excited about the number, 13. maybe it looks silly, or even disgusting, but we really wanna make ours a 'FAMILY OF 13'. i was born on 13th june, Abi on 13th september, and we want Baby H to have his DOB on the october 13!

the situation is promising, i guess. no sign of labor, no more stomach cramp, i can sleep heavily everytime i want to. and my itching tummy is getting better. thanks to Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula for Dry, Itchy Skin! after using non-greasy oil, miracle-ly, the itchiness has almost gone. and it's very easy to apply. just spray it on the effected area, do a simple massage and... taraaa!!! (if only i discovered this thing earlier..).

i really want to announce Baby H's full name, but the MoU says i have to wait until he's born. actually i have an idea if he's born during Eid, i want to add a word before his name, to indicate that he's born during the fest. not Syawal, Aidil or Fitri. i said, they are all AFians! hehe. if it's happen, Baby H would have 2 words in his name :) but i dunno Abi will agree or not.

this is a miracle actually, until i could post this entry. i tried for 2 days to logon to the net, i am online but wasn't able to open any website. but tonite, surprisingly it works! maybe the virus is inactive at nite.. :P

we're gonna meet dr awang on wednesday. hopefully good news are waiting for us! but not the delivery!