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i guess that could be our final check up before next appointment at Emergency & Accident, then to labour room on the 11th. i felt a little bit weird meeting the doctor this time. maybe because of Abi wasn't there so i lost my word or maybe because i was very tired due to my unpleasent sleep caused by minor diarrhea the nite before. but the meeting was very plain and i felt 'it wasn't fully utilized'. luckily we dont have to pay any cent!

dr awang gave us another appoinment next week, which i guess it could be the door to welcome you here, and have your official name :D he's gonna perform CTG on you and check my dilation and asked me to come with Abi :D very supportive and understanding-lah the doctor, willing to wait until Abi comes back here for the procedures.

this week, i didn't gain weight. still 55kg :D wow! so happy OK! and his comment was "you don't build any fat. what you have on your big tummy is only the baby, not your own fat" :D well doc, i am 4kg lighter than my targeted weight! :P soo happy like wanna jump! thank you dear for absorbing all my calories :D

and because of that, i have to pay for it. your very effective weight gain and growth! 300gms in a week, dr awang said, the maximum healthy weight a fetus should gain :) despite my puasa and not-so-high-appetite, you're progressing very well. Mommy & Abi wanted you to be born smaller than 3kgs, now you're already 3.1kg.... don't you know that this makes Abi worry coz he afraid if i have to undergo c-section. and so does my mom. but i told them.. other moms gave birth to more than 4kgs babies vaginally and they have no problem with that. and according to the doctor, size is not a driver to c-section, provided the baby's position is posterior, not a breech one, the placenta's location is at the upper side and there's no other complication that needs for operation such as baby's heartbeat is unstable, baby already passing meconium, dried amniotic fluid, etc.

and you position is very good, posterior with the matured placenta placed next to your bottom and my left rib. you are already engaged, the amniotic fluid's index is 14.1 which is very good and your movement is OK. i hope that you're happy laying in my womb until next week :) dr awang said "buah dah ranum sgt dah tp xnak gugur jugak" :P i told him, "dia nk tunggu ayah dia balik dulu" :)

and he said, the only method to induce labor is having frequent sex. and the walking2, running2, jumping2 are not in medical proven list :D. this gonna be next week's agenda.

alhamdulillah, up to this point, i still can perform my obligation as a Muslim during this Ramadhan. i got many sms-es from friends and aunties asking about my puasa but yet alhamdulillah i have no reason to stop fasting. i don't feel too tired (i guess if i'm not fasting, i still will feel tired. it is very common these days), and your condition is OK. despite my fasting, you're still gaining maximum weight per week. and the amniotic fluid's index is normal. not too high and not too low. i hope i can keep on fasting until the end of the month.

my feeling? it's a real suspense. however, i already packed the hospital bag. just in case... but it is really miserable to me if you don't listen to us ;( i really want Abi to be there, when the labor starts and when you head comes.

i can't wait for next week. Abi's journey from Miri on the 10th started at 4.30pm, and ETA at Pengkalan Chepa at 11pm (considering the delay & whatnot). the next morning, at 8.30am we have to be at PSH for the test, and thus the decision of when you're gonna be born :) remember our promise, on the 13th OK!