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Why I am Writing

my boy [m0mmy harap u'll become a BOY],

actually mommy xde tepikir pun nak tulis apa2 about my pregnancy but bila mommy fikir, this is the only thing mommy will have (other than mulut ke mulut story). mommy want you to know how much mommy LOVE you even if you're still in my tummy & how much u r welcomed to this small world of mommy & daddy.

mommy want you to know how who were breed, how mommy treat you everyday before you were born, how mommy feel throughout this pregnancy... etc. etc.

mommy want you to be a boy, a son who would never neglect your own family. a very responsible person and the one who would take care of us when you grow up. and of course to be someone better than mommy & daddy.

for you my son, every single minute, mommy keep on praying for your health, along this pregnancy, may Allah keep you safe and sound in my womb. and just come out when the time is right. which is... this october.

we love you boy~