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three of us

during lunch break daddy brought mommy to the clinic. we met dr noor. mommy told her that my UPT was positive and i wanted her to confirm whether baby is really here or it was just a fake result. she wanted to scan my lower abdomen. mommy could see something black and round (after the doctor showed me).

it was you!

knowing that mommy is carrying you, we started to buy supplementary food for your benefit. knowing that we now attached together and you depend fully on me, mommy take more iron for the blood to carry more oxygen. and of course folic acid is a must to prevent you from spinal bifida and other brain disease. mommy continue taking folic acid since mommy had taken it before my pregnancy begun.

since your brain has been developed in your forth week, mommy start to take fish oil. mommy want you to be a smart boy. at least better than mommy & daddy.