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we bought a set of pregnancy test from guardian a couple of day ago. yesterday abg asked about the result, i said i didn't do it yet. afraid it was too early. or i just dont wanna know. but abg insisted me to do it immediately and i just said, tomorrow morning, when the hormone would be higher.

if it's not because of the 'offer' to join the FESI at west lutong on the 13th and 14th, i swear i won't do any test. I DON'T NEED ANY INDICATOR TO TELL ME THAT I'M NOT PREGNANT! but since abg 'encourage' me to do the test, to ensure that i am not pregnant, so i'll able to attend the FESI.

actually my period is very irregular. i never have a consistent cycle even if i took EPO for several months. that's make me feel nothing even if i am a week late.

sunday morning, when i went to the bathroom, i put a little drop of urine on the test card. then i take my bath and just let it... let it be what it wanna be.

guess what when i come back??? it's 2 lines!!! i can't believe it until i send sms's to my aunties and friends asking them "betul ke kalo ada 2 line tu mengandung?"