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it's all about work

in office
we're entering our new financial year. gosh this must be a tight year for me [after a year of honeymoon last year :P].

it's so stressful. but still happy cos i still manage to pump 4 times during the not-so-happy hour and collect 16oz per day :D [not that much for 4 sessions, but alhamdulillah~]

i think i need a break. oh please... it might looks very simple to some people, but to me, it is sooo... stressful!

& i'm collaborating with Ummi Iman 'Iffah, preparing a proposal to have a Mother's Room in our office. still in draft. hopefully we'll get one.

out of office
we're planning to form our playgroup. it could be a simple activity, mom-to-mom and parent-to-parent sharing. we're still working on it.

O Allah please give me enough time to prepare everything and work my plans [i mean, enough courage to re-arrange my time].