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Happy 5 Month Old!

Before & After

Hafiy’s second Passport! the international ones! (ia adalah half drp kos utk membuat passpot dewasa. Adult=RM300, Baby=RM150) Hafiy already has his very own Limited Passport to remain in Sarawak. this one is better, er.. better picture :D whatever.

gamba passport terhad. masam. tembam. & botak (& ada tangan Mami :D)

now, we can go to Brunei! (Brunei is only half an hour from our house, but Mommy so excited. whattodo.. only Brunei we can afford...)

Hafiy @5months…

  • able to reach accurately for objects especially plates, bowls, cups, foods…
  • can hold your head steady with pusing2 when sitting upright.
  • turns towards the source of a sound or voice.
  • get attention by babbling, er, not actually babbling but some acts like ‘aching’.
  • smiles at other babies, especially the one in the mirror. perasan handsome la tu.
  • hands open and reaches out to touch and grasp.
  • turn your body and sleep on your side.
  • drink from cup. owh, not the sippy cup but the tea cup. with assistancela.
  • sit with assistance. sometimes Mommy pull away the pillow and… humpty dumpty had a great faaaaaall~~~
  • can call “Abiy”! but it does not sound like ‘Abiy’ la but “Abbbb..(wind blows)”, “Abbbaaaa”, “Abuuuuuu”
  • and the most significant thing, you start to drink a lot! alhamdulillah. from 2oz to 12oz! and it happened in a day! (the day you reached 5 month old).

Mommy, gimme the pizza!

  • roll over.
  • move forward when on tummy.
  • say “Mommy”.
Mommy really don’t mind about your early development. you might not show ‘advance’ progress like some babies do, but as long as you’re healthy and happy, nothing bothers us. Mommy & Abiy did encourage you to roll, to sit, to touch, to see, to hear, to talk, etc. but we can’t push your ability, because your outmost capability might not as what we and others expect. and yet, we believed in baby-led approach.

i don’t know why you started to be very irritable lately. not even a minute, you don’t want to stay alone. even Mommy can’t prepare proper dinner for us (‘proper’ is like ada nasi, lauk & sayur). for this whole week, I only manage to cook bubur pedas Sarawak for dinner… oh please don’t say it’s normal. I almost get high BP when I can do nothing while this boy is awake.

but, i always remember 'pesan' my uncle's maid to not losing temper over cranky babies. they only have us. only us.

  • Tok Pa is under chemotherapy treatment at Hospital Ampang. let's pray harder so that Tok Pa will recover soon, and together we'll celebrate your 1st birthday! ameen.
  • Abiy bought 3-in-1 hp deskjet printer, scanner, copier. yeay! finally~
  • Abiy move to another, bigger field. getting busier than ever! alhamdulillah..
  • you have to stay at Makcik Ana's house until 6pm (our working hours 7.30am-4.30pm. 6.30 already Maghrib -kecohla ni, biasa balik awal jer)
  • our house is now look like a broken ship (tongkang pecah?).
  • you start to grow your hair :D

uncle kat kedai PC ni suka betul ngan Hafiy hehe.

How To Encourage A Baby to Roll Over
  • put him on tummy
  • sit/lay directly in front of him. use object e.g. rattle to attract him.
  • when he gets comfortable, move to his side. alternate between left and right.
  • gradually move farther and eventually sit beside his toe
  • he might turn his head far enough to incidentally turn over from tummy tohis back
  • do it routinely
  • Hafiy doesn't like tummy time at any time.
  • Hafiy rolled over but behind Mommy's eyes. so I never able to see.

sesungguhnya ini berlaku ketika Mami pegi ke dapur sekejap.

Conclusion & Comment
we never fail. it's just that you have your own, unique pace & choice. so why I bother?

Hafiy dear, Mommy & Abiy lurve you soooooo much! the only harta we have is you...