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my DIY book

Mommy got this idea because i don’t want you (and you lil' siblings) to know us, Mommy as Mommy and Abiy as Abiy. i remember then one day at a park, a little girl ‘lost’ her parents ad when people asked her “Who’s your mother? What’s her name” she cried and answered “Mamaaaa”. oh dear, ooh dear... how many Mamas were there… i wish all my babies know us by our name. and there’s no book in the world have our names inside. so why don’t i make one?

This is a very simple, easy and no time consuming. I do it while ironing our clothes :D

(oh, like I know very the many types :D).

A set of PC with printer
A4 Papers
Laminating films
Iron, iron board and cloth

the assembly

insert the paper in the laminating film. i put it backward so that if keronyok2 it won't keronyokkan the face.

put the film+paper under the cloth you wanna iron.

when we done ironing, put it in order (front page, page 1, 2, 3..) and punch!

tie with ribbon and tadaaaa!

but the quality is very poor since i'm only using iron to laminate (plus not a pro. and this job requires skill OK). hmm.. anybody wanna sponsor a laminating machine? hehe. bole wat bisnes nih.