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The Grand Old Lady

batu bersurat

"The 'Grand Old Lady' of Miri had had a remarkable record over her 62 years of life. She had operated almost non-stop from that day in December 1910, when she had first brought into production, until she was closed in 1941 due to war action. In that time, she had produced 563,484 barrels and was still producing 10 barrles per day. In three and a half years of occupation, Well No.1 worked for only 12 months during which she produced 4,371 barrels. At close, she was still managing to produce 3 barrels of oil a day and when finally stopped, had produced over 650,000 barrels of oil. In the last months of operation, one of the wells still creaking slowly up and down was that same well that began the saga of Miri Well Number One"

i planned to bring you here when you able to understand my words, so that i can explain about the process of exploration & production in oil and gas. but since Uncle Muhammad was here, we brought him to this very place, and definitely you had to follow. don't worry, we'll bring you here again for field trip later2 ok :D

the journey, well, a bit adventurous for our Myvi. thanks God, Canada Hill is just like a giant ant hill. if it's like Genting i bet we never reach there la :D

pompuan tua yg grand?

hey tolak kekuat sket, potong gaji karang

can i be the next drilling engineer?

petroleum museum

nice scenery from the top of Canada Hill

this is among the historical places in Miri. i like it, of course because it relates to oil and gas. this is the first oil field in Sarawak, and even in Malaysia (or in South East Asia?). those days, they dug the wells only by hands! how rich Borneo land was. and see how small Brunei is, but seems like she sits on a gigantic oil reservoir!

now all Malaysian oil wells are offshore. it's must be a more challenging operation. thanks to all offshore crew for your service (of course la they're paid) so that we can bring our wealth back to the nation.