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Starting Solids?

anak sapa la ni

yumm yummm~

nak suap sdr la Mami...

bagi saya! bagi saya!

haaa... dah abis?

nak lagi!!!

ini bukan bubur nasi tapi cumelah EBM yg Mami letak dalam mangkuk. nggeee~ terubatlah hati anak bujang Mami nak mamam sama2. barula tak mengamuk. selalu dapat pinggan kosong je kan?

when to start solid? some Mommies rather to start it early but we want to delay as later as possible. now that you drink lots better so Abiy said NO to solids at 6 month (even if kelakuan tidak dpt dikawal lg mau makan). it's not because of the immature digestion system, but Mommy want to bf you exclusively as long as possible, plus i'm lazy (easy excuse) to prepare your food & i'm not ready to have unpleasant smell of your poo-poo. :D

say yes to exclusive breastfeeding!