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Planting Winged Bean

the winged beans

Mommy got the seeds from Embah Buyut when we went to Johor last December. [hopefully it's still 'subur'].

we just able to plant the seeds last week, after buying a-20-kilos of humus soil from Pasar Malam Saberkas.

Mommy used to plant this winged bean, many times, and the most significant ones was during my unemployed period, i planted it behind Mak Tok's house, and until now they still can have it as ulam! good enough huh.

gardening is a good activity i guess, good exercise and fruitful! and jimat since we don't need much capital. just rm5 for the soil and other things are free.

empty egg carton

humus soil

the seeds

tap water

the plant manager

filling the soil into egg carton


put the seed onto the soil

seedy soil


watering them

good job Mommy!

put it under roof, yet allow for sunlight

the journal

now after a week...

still nothing change. haha. have to wait for another 2-3 days i guess...

later when it's 'bercambah', we'll transfer it onto the ground and let it grows by climbing our fence. Mommy can't wait! can't wait! i wanna eat ceper!