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Detail Scan

when we went for detail scanning yesterday, you weren't that active as the day before. i was told that during the 5th month, detail scanning will be done to check your internal major organs such as brain, heart, kidneys, spine... your fingers as well as your sex!

your brain shows a normal progress, your heart has 4 rooms, your spine is normal, your have 10 little fingers.. and everything is normal. syukur... however the doctor couldn't see your kidney. she said maybe you just pee-pee.

when dr aida asked me about " do you wanna know your baby's gender?" i looked at abi with my eyes gestured "do you?" abi said that it was me who wanna know the sex of baby i am carrying. then i told dr aida, yes. then the news rejoiced me. you are 99% a boy!

we were the most happiest parents to hear the news. even of there was still 1% of uncertainty but yeah since this is Allah's work so we left it to Him. however the first impression was really impress us.

today, you didn't kick very much, just rolling and changing position. i tot maybe you were tired cos you haven't take any rest since our journey from KL. okla.. sleep well my little boy... :)