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My Hyuga

abi's favorite anime series, captain tsubasa left a sweet memory for us. it was played at channel 25, astro animax since early this year as i can remember. since then, (thank to astromax) everyday abi wouldn't miss any single series even if we were at work.

i am not a soccer maniac, even i don't know anything about soccer but since abi got addicted to captain tsubasa, i have to watch the anime with him (sometimes i just slept :P). i didn't follow the series as what abi did, but he used to rephrase the anime to me everytime after watching. all i know it was an extremely popular japanese anime adapted from manga, captain tsubasa, that was created in 1981.

the story was focuses on a japanese soccer team lead by captain tsubasa. i can say that abi likes tsubasa's character who was always thinking about winning even if he was in serious injury. abi said tsubasa taught not to surrender before we really have to. and the japanese team was very positive in every game. abi said, the manga first created to encourage the japanese footballers to play better and become the best team of Asia.

on top of that, why i said this series left us with sweet memory? because it was started during your early days in my womb. the time my morning sickness was always killing me. and the last episode was played a day before we went back to KB last may. at first, abi was very upset because we dont have astro at my hometown, so he couldn't watch captain tsubasa, but when we discovered that it was the last episode (after reviewing the astro mag), he was very happy. then, when we came back to Miri, no more tsubasa, no more morning sickness :)

among the great heroes in the series like tsubasa himself, genzo, taro, matsuyama, etc. the one that catch my eyes was hyuga. he is a striker, very famous with his tiger shot. his persistence outstanding in shooting goal is because of his family. he is a strong, tough and rough boy on field makes every players scares of him. however, he is still a caring boy and cares about his family very much. and his loves and cares toward his family become the driver for him to be an ace striker.

so now you know why abi & i sometimes nickname you hyuga? :) mommy call your kick tiger shot and abi says your kicking is very strong. just now you kicked abi very firmly made him shocked by your tiger shot :) you are our hyuga, be a strong and tough boy like kojiro hyuga at the same time take a good care of our family OK!