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22 week fetus

say now is honeymoon stage of pregnancy. i think, maybe... however i'm still feel uneasy with Miri food. this morning i threw out all kuetiow made in cafetaria. lucky i could finish a plate of nasi + ayam goreng at selera melayu. thanks selera melayu!

we had our month-5 scan this noon. you are progressing very well and very actively! just during the scan you didn't kick as what you did in the flight yesterday. however, you're moving and moving until the gynae found out that it is not easy to see you. but ah, you suck you hand... not only your thumb :P however, maybe fortunately, you were very proud to show who you are exactly until the gynae could sure 99% that you are.. what we expect! insya-Allah.. ameen...

now your eyelids and eyebrows are fully formed. and studies say that you can hear more clearly than before! studies also found that if i read any book for you now, when you are born, you'll suck more vigorously if i read the same book i read to you when you were in my uterus. hmm.. look like i have to buy some children story books for you to hear. but i find that you really enjoy the music & al-Quran recitation from headphone i put on my tummy. you look calmer and don't play soccer. good boy huh? playtime is during my bed time :)

dear honey, i really enjoy this journey with you. you really make me proud and happy. you are active and strong. and you are cute too!

and for me, mommy try to gain weight about 225gram per week, making our next appointment i would gain 1 more kg!