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Our Current Weight - 51kg!

see that? i am very happy with the latest condition of ours. most importantly, the slight bullish trend in our gained-weight is during the transition phase of 2-weeks-and-a-half vacation. should i call it a transition phase? i gained weight, and i was able to cook!

now my daily routine, beside checking whether you are kicking or not is watching my weight gain. my target is to reach 59kg maximum during full term. it is about 12.5 or 12kg additional weight. and to gain 1 more kg until the next check-up (i already gained 1kg..huhu~).

gaining weight is important during pregnancy but gaining too much weight is disaster. there are adverse effects if i gain too much weight or gain weight too quickly. that's why i have to look after this rather than rely on eat-for-two dogma.

the risks might be:
  • stretch mark - irreversible impact. it will leave ugly-silvery-line on the stomach and only can be treated by surgery or laser treatment. NOOOO!!!! this is the thing i try to avoid. that's why i control my weight and use lotion to give moisture to my skin and to allow my epidermis to stretch.
  • pregnancy induced hypertension and gestational diabetes - as for now my BP and glucose level are normal.
  • backaches and heartburn - alhamdulillah, i had it only during the long bus ride and the early stage of 2nd trimester when my uterus became widen.
  • harder to lose weight later - would i have time to play after your arrival?
  • risk of having a large baby who may become obese later in life - remember most adult-diseases are actually started in utero. i dont want you to face this at your age of 50.
  • complication during delivery when having a large baby - abi & i want you to be delivered as normal as possible.
as for now, my gynae is happy with my weight gain. she never told me that i should gain more weight. some of my friends expect i might be very 'comel' during pregnancy but i refuse to be. it is another dogma of being 'big during pregnancy' is 'healthy'. and, pregnancy is not an excuse for overeating. yeah i am eating for two but for you, the quality is as important as the quantity i consume and of course you are not eating as much as i am, you are only 500grms now!