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Pregnancy Worries

since the first day i notice that i am carrying you, i can't stop myself from worrying. yeah, pregnancy is a natural journey, and not all journey end up you reach the destination.

1. ectopic pregnancy - the implantation occurs at fallopian tube instead of in the uterus.
2. missed miscarriage - when embryo stops growing but the pregnancy goes on. the baby dies however it still remain in the uterus. no bleeding & pregnancy symptoms still on. the embryo may shrink gradually. and the doctor would notice thru ultrasound, no heartbeat and embryo is smaller than is should be.
3. chemical pregnancy - embryo dies right after conception. caused by chromosome abnormality and hormone insufficiency. usually moms get +ve result of UPT test however it changes to -ve after several days.

1. still have chances of miscarriage - about 20% of miscarriage occurs during second trimester as result of anomaly in the uterus such as incompetent cervix or placenta.
2. early labor due to incompetent cervix.
3. premature placenta abruption. where placenta disattach from uterus prematurely.
4. pre-eclampsia, caused by defect of placenta.
5. insufficient or too much amniotic fluid.
*the youngest baby alive recorded is a girl born at her 22nd week. however medical practitioners get confidence that fetus at 24weeks onward may alive under observation. the record made in the US, not in Malaysia.

1. bleeding which due to abruption placenta.
2. preterm labour.
3. post term.
4. IUGR or fetal growth retardation, where the fetus stops growing at certain week (before 36th) and have to go operation immediately.
5. hypertension.
6. diabetes.

there might be several more, but i am too scare to know about them. to overcome those worries, i keep on thinking positively, and imagine that you are in my arms, stay here safe and sound.

my dear, we have passed the first trimester beautifully, and at the middle of second trimester. lets' pray together so that Allah will take care of us, especially you since i can't see you with my eyes, only with my heart. take care of yourself eh!