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Your 1st Classroom

today is sleeping day. you slept the whole day! mommy called you to kick since this morning but you didn't respond. during lunchtime, at home mommy rub the tummy to encourage you but you just made a little wiggling then back to sleep. until the late afternoon you kept on snoring and didn't care about mommy's worry for do not feel your movement.

mommy got class in the evening. on the way, mommy kept on persuading you to kick. "please good boy, please do your tiger shot.. please..."but you didn't respond. aiyyoo.. what happen to my boy ni?

as mommy arrived at the class, my focus was no longer on you. maybe on the left car, or on the groups of strangers on the street or maybe on the class itself. when mommy took my seat in the classroom, something surprised me! you're kicking! you enjoyed your tiger shot until it waved my top. and you did it for the whole session. hmm.. so you like to be in classroom huh.

what a good boy la.. very smart my boy. just like abi :)