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i would consider myself lucky for not having severe backpain throughout this journey (at least so far) carrying you. but i had it once after 8-hours bus ride from KB to KL last week, for the whole day i can't sit and sleep properly, having a damn cracking backpain. other than that, i am OK.

this is not uncommon for about 5 to 7 mommies out of 10 will have severe backpain during pregnancy. and the period range varies from mom to mom, some have it throughout the pregnancy, some have it starting from 2nd trimester and some have it during the 3rd trimester. the contributing factors are varies, depending on the mommies' health, weight, lifesyle, etc.

since only during pregnancy mommies having this, i would expect it is because of these:
  • hormonal change - during pregnancy a hormone releases from lower ligamen at the pelvic area to allow it soften and loosen the join to prepare for the birth.
  • changing posture - as the baby grows, the centre of gravity of mom's body moves to the other point.
  • more weight - mom's back has to support more weight as the baby grows (and mom's too!).
  • stress.
avoiding backpain.. actually i never plan to avoid since i was made to know that backpain is common after the morning sickness attack to i made myself ready. however, i'm still finding the best way to minimize the attack by:
  • taking calcium.
  • get enough rest and sleep.
  • say no to heels.
  • don't think about this discomfort, enjoy playing with the moving you!
last week when i had it after the bus ride, i just used hot oil and asked abi to do a tender massage on my back and lay down on my side to avoid weight on my backside. well it was only for a day and i woke up the next morning with no more pain!

i hope the other mommies will be OK handling their discomfort and they would know it is just a normal backpain or rhymatic cramping pain that might be sign for preterm labour!