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23 Week Fetus

now you can hear and react to sounds from outside world. i'm not very sure about this but it happened several times when you kicked Abi, at the first time you'd do it very gently until i asked you to kick harder. "don't be too slow, kick Abi harder OK". then surprisingly you'd kick stronger. and mommy notice when i put headphone on my tummy, your movement become more rapid.

now proportions your body are quite similar to a newborn but you are very thin since you are not yet forming your body fat. and your vein is still visible through your translucent skin. but mommy can't see this even if through the 4d ultrasound since.. the technology is yet still ultrasound.

i guess you have brown or green eyes now. wow, it must be very surprise if your eyes pigmentation will not be very much, so i'm gonna have a brown-eyed boy. hihihi. and your body started to develop meconium, a dark sticky material normally present in the intestine at birth and passed in the feces after birth. it's your fist stool! make sure you don't poo-poo before birth OK. it'll send us into big trouble!

and yes, your pancreas now developed steadily and started to produce insulin. it's the hormone to break glucose into energy. without this, high blood sugar = diabetes!

anyway you're doing well and busy for making yourself ready to meet mommy and daddy in another 17weeks!