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Between Science and Quran

after some verse s in Quran was translated and presented to a canadian professor of embryology and anatomy, dr keith moore, he suprisedly said (after comprehending the translation) that most of the info concerning embryology mentioned in the Quran os in perfect conformity with modern discoveries and does not conflict with them in any way. however there was few verses on whose scientific accuracy could not comment, and prof moore himself was not aware about the info contained.

form the verse of surah al-Alaq (96:1-2):
"proclaim! in the name of the Lord and Cherisher, Who created. created man, out of a clot of congealed blood"

the word alaq, besides meaning a congealed clot of blood also means something that clings, a leech-like substance. dr moore then studied the initial stage of embryo under a very powerful microscope and compared what he observed with a diagram of leech. as guess what, he was astonished at the striking resemblance between the two!

then, from that he acquired more info on embryology, that was not known to him, from the Quran. he then answered 80 questions regarding embryology and said after noting that info in Quran & hadis was in full agreement with the latest discoveries "if i was asked about these questions 30yrs ago, i would not have been able to answer of them for lack of scientific info".

what mommy want to say is, al-Quran is not only a thing to be recited during functions, funerals, or even you need something from Allah. it's a complete manual of human life and it covers everysingle thing from a single cell to the universe. like dr moore who i believe not a Muslim however he do research base on al-Quran and i want you not only to read the Quran to get barakah but also to learn about what is the content.

the Quran, is not a book of science, but a book of signs. signs to realize the purpose of our existence on earth and to live harmony with nature.