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We Miss Abi

yesterday at miri airport, i tried to not to cry. and you didn't kick as what you do when i was in the office. i tried to be calm. usually i would cry in front of him everytime i send abi away. now i win :) i didn't cry. after say bye-bye to abi, we rushed home, and found a slip of "kesalahan jalanraya : meletak kereta di tempat yg dilarang" was slotted between the wipers. siot.

when we reached home, i saw abi's shirt, the one he wore the day before. you screamed from inside (was it you? hehe. sorry honey for blaming :P) "mommy, mommy... smell it.. i want to feel abi.." nah.. i just bolayan the feeling, went into the room and prepared for Asar. as i wore the telekung, i saw abi's pelikat. that time i couldn't endure anymore. i grabbed the pelikat and kissed it like i kiss abi. huhu. and that time my tears came down very heavily. abg, i miss you so much...

since pregnant, this is the first time abi had to attend course in KL. 2 courses in 2 weeks. maybe because of pregnancy, or maybe because we haven't stay apart for months making me feel very lonely and saddy...

second day without abi, i try to live as usual. but it still something missing. nobody to be woke up everymorning, nobody keeps my pills container in his pocket, nobody drives me to office, nobody pays my breakfast, nobody has breakfast with me, nobody calls me during lunch time to go home, nobody opens the grill and lock it for me, nobody watches spongebob with me, nobody helps me cooking dinner, nobody helps me doing dishes, nobody throws the garbage out, nobody gets mad at me when i spend too much time on ym, no shirts to iron, nobody to talk, nobody to hug, nobody.. nobody.. ;((

anyhow, mommy still feel happy and lucky because you are here with me. since abi got his air ticket 2 days ago, you increased your movement, making me not feel alone anymore. thank you my baby... i know you miss abi too, and you felt a bit upset upon abi's departure. you didn't respond to abi like usual, even if that time you were playing with mommy. when abi called your name, you'd suddenly stop moving.

don't be sad ok, next week we'll go after abi. we'll get a hotel at midvalley so that abi may stay with us. i promise :)