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Amniotic Fluid

during the first trimester, my body own circulation, placenta and amniotic membran produced fluid to fill the amniotic sac as you grew. then, you swallowed the amniotic fluid, filter it through your kidneys and pass it out again as urine. (it's your urine OK!) you also excreted some fluid from your lungs. and, actually you are the one who balance the fluid, as you swallow and pee. the more you drink (swallow the fluid)+less pee-pee = less fluid. less drink+more pee-pee=more fluid. however, amniotic sac and your umblical cord help in balancing the fluid as they will absorb the excessive.

you should notice that the fluid volume increases in 2nd trimester (where we are now) and it will decline in the next trimester. however, there is about 12% of mommies who face insufficient amniotic fluid of called oligohydramnios. this happens for some reasons: the baby has kidney or liver problems, mom's leaking membrane, placenta fails to provide enough nutrient, and TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndome where one baby pumping the nutrient she suppose to take to her twin and causes her room get low fluid while the other room get more.

besides, there is also maternal problem of having too much amniotic fluid or called polihydramnios. this might be suspected on mommies who the size is larger than their date, i.e. 5months pregnancy but look like 7months already. the causes might be because of the baby diffuculty to swallow and make her kidney processes more urine, mom's multiple pregnancy, diabetes or TTTS. the biggest risk of this is early labour, and this might lead to placenta abruption or cord prolapse those will cut off the baby's oxygen supply.

however, i, and other mommies have no control on this. it is your role to ensure that you drink and pee-pee so-so to balance the volume. and for me, some people believe that my fluid intake will influence the amniotic fluid. so i take plenty of water and enough rest.

have fun kicking, punching, rolling, etc, in me. and don't forget to drink and pee-pee very moderately! :) my sweet boy~