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Braxton Hick

as my tummy getting bigger, and you getting heavier, Braxton Hick contraction becomes more significant to me. i can feel my uterus stretch than soften again. it is sligthly dishtinguishable from you movement and kicking. it seems like my belly is tightened, like you are doing stretching but i know it is the false labour.

actually the uterus, where you're accomodated, needs to stay strong to support you and your siblings later. it is contracts even before you are in but of course i don't even notice. and as you get bigger, i can feel the mild contraction from time to time. actually i started to feel it since our 18th week. i will get these contractions more frequently as we get closer to the due date. Braxton Hick contractions do a great deal of work for us, preparing my body for labor.

it's not bother me at all. unless yet. i guess in the late pregnancy it will give more discomfort to me. and i have to relax and do something that can make me forget about it like go shopping (hehe) or watch movies. or it might be because of dehydration of my position. so i have to drink more water and change position. in case it is disturbing...

no, it is normal honey. it's not dangerous and it's significantly different than the true ones. true contractions usually start in my back and radiate forward. Braxton Hick contractions are only in my belly and may only consist of a part of my belly getting hard. and not painful, very short in duration and have no pattern. i may have a group of 4 or 5 of these little contractions in 10 minutes and then nothing for hours. true contractions get closer together, are stronger, are usually painful and have a pattern. oh, i hope i am ready for this!

so don't worry yar honey if you feel your home suddenly becomes tighten. it's just for a couple of second and it'll be OK. as long as it's not 40-week contraction that a sign for you to come out! can't wait to meet you!