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Labor & Delivery in NEWS

reading about pregnancy and delivery issues in the news, mommy feel so thankful for our 'great' job with petronas (even if with under-satisfaction salary), at least we are provided with some pregnancy and delivery knowledge.

i read some news about moms laboured and delivered in the toilet unintendedly and there are babies slip into the toilet bowl (this exclude those 'moms' who intendedly deliver in the toilet and flush the babies out) while the moms think they were passing mass. i have no idea to comment, since i am yet not giving birth and no idea how the labor pain is, but i'm sure if moms out there know about their EDD and the accuracy, they'll be more careful and know that it's the baby, not stool.

last week, a 20-plus-week baby had been delivered and the parents were not satisfy with the hospital service after delivery (as what i read in the news). from my bulging belly opinion, it's not about after delivery service since in medical, below 24-week can still go for abortion and only after 25 week a baby can survive. the doctors might think that it was a miscarriage and let the breathing baby went home for funeral without proper checking, etc. that might be a point the hospital can give (up to now i didn't hear any follow up). but the hospital was something for letting the mom unattended for several hours until the baby came out. i heard several case (including my own friend) of 'unhappened' miscarriage. moms bled, and pre-mature contraction but the doctors manage to stop those.

however, i hope our journey won't end up or collide with any complication. i pray everyday so that we'll be fine until the day i can hold your body in my arms. tho pregnancy is a natural process but there's lot uncertainties out there. my body as well as yours are fragile and we are expose to any pregnancy complication.

right now i am looking after the food i take and activities i do. no over exhausted movement that can make these fragile bodies fragile. most importantly i dont want you to suffer later, when you're born or even when you grow up. some desease starts in womb, remember... but the effect comes 50 years later.

most importantly i am equipping myself with knowledge, doesn't matter the sources as long as it is beneficial and can help to save our lives, and our rights.