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I Can't Sleep

it's 3.06 a.m. but i can't even close my eyes. i tried to sleep since 12.00a.m. but then i tot it was for a couple of minutes, then i began to toss and turn. i really don't know why. i didn't sleep the whole day & i am a bit tired. but my eyes seem like don't wanna shut.

and you are moving actively inside my tummy until i can feel your kicking very slightly. today you are very active. since this morning, i didn't notice any sleeping time of yours. hmm... why are you become very active only on saturday? i am a bit wonder now. last saturday, you jumped the whole day and sleep the whole sunday. are going to do the same thing this week?

and is my sleepless because of you want to share the moment with me? oh.. okay, let's roll and roll again on the bed. jom!