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we spend most of our time in KL shopping your thingies since this is the last chance we have before we come back again for maternity leave. even if a month earlier than EDD but i would expect that we won't have time and much energy to walk and shop with the bigger your.

we already have your milk bottles and the storage cups. not to forget your shirts, bedding set, blanket, as well as bootie & mitten. but since we don't have much time, we just get one set for each. but for such those things, not that fussy to get so i'll ask your grandparents to buy 'em for us later (however we believed that they'll get 'em for you).

we'll go out again today to KLCC and SemuaHouse to get breastpump with the sterilizer and warmer, and your shirts too. and you know... how we care about your welfare and try to equip you with the best products.

Listed from top-down: your bottle, milk storage, warmer, strelizer and breastpump. all AVENTs! have mommy's milk only OK!