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You're Not Underweight, I am

when i told people that i do not gained much weight, most of them are shocked. they thought that you are very small. but i told them that i feel normal, since all my food are restricted by you (you always gimme sign to stop eating before i can finish a plate). and sometimes i throw away everything i swallow before.

one of my pal said that she gained 4kg during her 4th month, and another pal said she gained 3kg + but she thought that she's underweight since a magazine told that a mommy should gain 8kg extra in 18th week! well, i am not an expert but my common sense says it is ridiculous. normal weight for 18 weeks babies are only 200gm. where does the other 7.8kg comes? placenta? amnion fluid? fat? even the full-term weight gain is maximum 16kg. hmm...her info made me more uncomfortable with magazine.

i dont buy magazine for reference, just to additional reading. i dont know, maybe i had several mismatch understanding with most magazines. to me, some magazines are meant to attract readers without caring much on what their contents. i read a magazine, where a mom-to-be asked the panel, why does her teeth become frail during pregnancy? guess what was the answer? it was "there's no specific reason". in fact, it's because of the hormonal changes that makes mom's gum loosen. hmm.. they just sell the magazine, NOT THE RIGHT INFO.

i am more comfortable with books and proven studies by the experts (eventho i dunno them). i read some books & go to some websites to compare and majority say the recommended weight gain for a-healthy-BMI-mom-to-be is:
and this is what i am. hm.. pretty cool. i like this. i dont want to gain extra weight unless what i should. your normal weight plus placenta plus amniotic fluid plus uterus plus blood plus breast and a little fat in my butt and thigh to support my uterus and you.

however, please don't let me go under the minimum curve! i dont want you to born underweight! but people say that my tummy is soo big and i am soo thin. whatever, as long as your weight development is excellent.

actually you have prove this in our last scan, your development is normal, and your weight too. that's why i'm not worry at all even if my wight gain is not very significant. i dont wanna be a FAT MOMMY!!!