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17th week fetous

look at you! you are 19cm now! my weight is not significantly increase.. last monday i weighted myself at Columbia Asia, i am 47kg! my normal weight used to be varies from 45-47kg (can i take the average as 46?). some of my friends gain 4kg-10kg during their 4th month.

but i dont think i am abnormal. first, you restrict me from eating more.. if i can finish up a plate of nasik, it'a the biggest blessing to Abi (for dont have to eat it for me instead of let it being wasted). second, your weight is only 0.2kg plus the placenta, the cord and amniotic fluid, i think it roughly about 0.5kg. if only i gain more than 1kg, it's not because of you, it's me! huhu.

last scan, you were sleeping. hmm.. i tot i wanna see you kicking like the last time one. so horrible when you kicked like doing shadow dancing, huhu. but last time you slept.. how could you let you Mommy frustrating like that.. hehe. and you are so meant.. didnt want to show us your sex. or, maybe you feel embarrassed when Dr Aida kept on pointing the probe on your *****. if that is the case, it's OK. you are my smart boy.