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My Pregnancy Journey up to 4th Month

i dont face any weird experience during my early pregnancy, except the fatiguingly morning everytime sickness (still have it now). i dont have weird dream (as i notice many moms-to-be have this), i dont have 'allergy' to anything or any smell (except nasi... weeekkk!!!), i dont look 'big' to Abi (except my tummy part), my mood is stable and doesnt swing sparingly (i dont have one-time-weep-then-happy syndrome), and many other pregnancy myths..

to me alhamdulillah.. i feel more independent. since Abi is not God-he-is-so-caring person, i feel so relief. if i became sensitive suddenly, Abi would not be happy since he's not that kind of person. Abi is a very particular person. and not a kinda repetitive one. if he says "i want A", then suddenly B happens, he would definitely can't accept. and he wont say it everyday like "i want A" today, "i want A" tomorrow. it's only today "i want A" and i must be A everyday.

i dont feel anything special unless i don have to cook and tidy up the house. our kitchen has not been smoked since last 3 months and our clothes is not folded for weeks. however, Abi doesnt treat me like a queen or princess. i am just a wife to a guy called Abi to us.

however, that's how he loves us and that's why i love him so much. you must love Abi, as you love me OK!