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Kickin' & Movin'

last saturday was a very overwhelming day for me. you moved, kicked, punched, jumped, etc. until i felt geli2 in my tummy. i didn't do anything all day long, just enjoy your play and feel my tummy harden and soften from outside. i don't know how to describe it when you make the moves. like something flying in my tummy, moving here & there like i wanna passing gas but it is you, i know.

abi tries several times to feel you from outside my tummy but i told him that you were too small to be touched and felt from outside. maybe in the next 4 weeks, only he'll be able to catch you! after all, you're still under 200gram. how heavy ar? i think just about my mouse's weight.

on sunday, i couldn't feel you often. i guess you were tired for all-day football-playing the previous day. i just noted that you moved occasionally. you were menggeliat, maybe. i dunno what made you so active on saturday and got all-day-long sleep on sunday. maybe you were preparing for your future as our kid, full of activities on saturday and rest on sunday.

hahaha. smart boy~