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I Hope This Morning Sickness Will..

we are already approaching 18th week, about 4 months plus. yes, my everytime sickness is seem like fading but now i am having a lil' bit severe morning sickness. this morning as usual i swallowed up soy protein + ribena apple. i felt a bit funny feeling in my stomach, i told abi that i feel like wanna throw up. but abi just acted like usual, drove us off to the office.

i took 4 slices of roti jala with chicken curry, while abi had roti canai. after finished up the second slice, i felt like really wanna go to the toilet. and i ran in, throw out everysingle thing that had been resided in my esophagus and stomach. it was so bad.. but fortunately i could finish up the remaining slices in my plate without vomiting them again.

i told your mak tok that i'm still having this sickness even tho i am now 4 month. mak tok said that i'll be OK next month. huh? guess what, we never eat at home for this 4 months.. you know i really can't stand the taste of out-dining-food, which is TAK SEDAP. but i can't cook :( i even can't eat what i cook... sometimes when cik Da & cik Adda make something, it's really a joy time for me. i can eat up 2 plates of semenanjung cuisine!

i hope this sickness will end, kesian Abi. eating out really makes him stress. not as sedap as mommy's cooking, and he has to pay more for less.. hohoho.